Letchumi Unasegaran, Academic Coordinator Malaysia, Coded Minds, APAC Malaysia & Education Consultant, e-school2u

Letchumi Unasegaran began in her own journey to aspire knowledge and skills from various educational philosophy, gained in-depth knowledge from decades of experience teaching students. She works passionately with children of all ages & encourages students with sea skills of inspirations. She has helped create awareness amongst various social settlement, parents from diverse culture, society, and professional backgrounds as she observed children to identify ways to engage holistic learning in a conducive environment. She advocates and creates an opportunity for future generations the fundamentals of a life-long learning experience, with key principles and applications with desired influences and reinforce the behaviours’ and skills we wish students to learn or unlearn with great lessons to inspire children creatively with passion for knowledge that lasts a lifetime.


Talent and creativity can develop optimally when Children are coached professionally making it possible for them to leverage and contribute their ideas.

Children are growing in a fast pace and it is also important to capture children’s ability in an Individualized learning curve in order to help students with creative potentials are made accessible and acceptable right from home and school.

Educators, parents & society are the backbone for our children’s future. It is important to open the gateway of opportunity when they are on the peak of imagination and move together to facilitate learning through hands on information. Skills sets are than polished preparing the young talents to be well developed in the near future.

Every parents’ desire is to give the best for their children, our students and children’s efforts will only intensively level up through various projects and community support resources and self mastery programs designed to support students with potentials.

Are our young talents wrong if they are seeking for a fair call to help all categories of school levers for a better future? Not just A scorers and family of students who are stable financially? Where do the rest of us Go?

Community support will be an excellent medium of encouragement to acknowledge the presence of talents and potentials in young people.

However not all parents and teachers understand the importance to develop creative and social potentials in the blooming talents from early stages of learning right through the stages of developmentally appropriate practice for students that begin to experience teen characteristics much earlier and the urge of adulthood outburst.

Wanting to know what is outside on the fore front of reality is much different than facilitating the right path and exercise appropriate exposure to help students understand better of their passion and design skills sets that are valuable for our young generations to embark on the journey into the professional world.

Through adequate knowledge and collaboration from the Children’s eco system support team, we will be able to create a dome of Creative Social Development Hub to incorporate leadership skills, better decision makers, disciplined participation, change makers and wider audience for exploration and sharing ideas and imaginations.

Is the support system conducive and optimal for our students or is it going against their passion and patience?

With our recent pandemic and form 4 class streaming restructure process, some students and parents are left with disappointment with their assessment results which has not given the students a choice to decide if the streaming was balanced out based on ability, credentials, talent and passion without creating room for fair improvement before finalizing class placement,” Should students continue to live in their own bubbles and not take the risk and explore their ability and strength of moving mountains”. What should I do now mom? A child questioned her parents humbly for justice. In total disappointment and withdrawal resulting fear and a sense of unfairness thoughts running in the child’s mind, we have failed as adults to protect and provide equal opportunity for the betterment of students.

It is heartbreaking to know for some students they were not given the option to take action and re-evaluate the assessment. A student will thrive best no matter what the score results are if they are given the right support to pursue their passion. If a student has the opportunity to chose between science stream and arts stream, the student than chooses pure arts instead. How can we help support? Even though they wished to pursue in a stream that best suits their talent, ability, interest and most importantly their passion, educators and parents must open up and have a bigger heart to accept their decision by taking a step back and continue to support. Lead them through their passion because sometimes leading by example may not be in the be interest for our children.

Every child is born unique with potentials to grow into creative human talents. This is why we sit back and watch America’s got talents and Asia’s Got talents. Haven’t we witnessed talents and potentials in various people who bravely show up in these talent shows around the world across ability, disability, age and profession?

Do you remember Noah Epps BEST AUDITIONS on America’s Got Talent 2020 – 12-year-Old Dancer Debuts who left the world with Ooo & Ahhh? Yes that is His NEW Character! Talent! Potential!

Why hinder their growth and potentials when we clearly see them becoming the best versions of them self? Let’s not place our younger generations passion go un-noticed. It’s a struggle to put them in a competition for reward as they may be left behind optimum growth. Can we begin to nurture our young children in a purposeful way so that they eventually reward us in their amazing creations, skills, talents and leadership.

Creativity is a valuable treasure in the growing phase of every child. The creation and imaginations will provide more colorful, dynamic and values that will shape the mind, soul and personality for Empowerment in the near future. Without exploration the mind is just a blank slate. Time is so valuable that we often forget how meaningful and vulnerable time is for our children.

Student revisits her memory: A three-year-old toddler built the blocks of pink tower in 2007 independently and was able to explain and express the details of her architecture impressions at the age of 3 “Apartment where her grandparents lived”, Now it’s time for us to extend our support to our younger generations. While they reflect upon their journey and continue to self educate to be nurtured and live hopefully, while waiting for someone to truly help them accomplish and be accepted for their true passion, potentials and talents.

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