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Last January, everything was normal. With students in classrooms and teachers on the dais, the presence of smartphones and computers was limited in the learning process. Then it came quicker than we anticipated. The virus took thousands of schools and millions of teachers and learners out of the physical space. Then, everyone had to switch to remote classes almost overnight. As per the World Bank statics, 1.6 billion children were out of school worldwide at the peak of school closures in April 2020. Over 220 million students in tertiary education worldwide were affected by campus closures, with the technical and vocational education training sector also disrupted.

The pandemic sidelined the traditional teaching-learning methodologies and forced education technology to up its game quickly. Computers, tablets, and smartphones have become the new norm of education. In fact, education institutions have realized the importance of investing in building interactive online video lessons to make learning more enjoyable. Now, the vaccine is here. Students have come back to the classroom. Teachers are on the dais again. However, the changes EdTech has brought forth will continue to influence classroom teaching.

At K12 Digest, with a panel of expert advisors from all over the globe, we have always been looking for the latest happenings in the education sector. In this issue, we have gathered insightful articles written by academic administrators, teachers, and industry leaders in India. They all talk about a common topic – trends that will reshape education in 2021.

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