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A school is not just about learning Math, Science, or History. We all know that, and we have been through it. Our memories as adults might linger more on things we learned beyond textbooks when we think about our school days. Thanks to the abundance of extracurricular activities we had. It helped many of us in developing the social and emotional skills critical to succeeding in life. Now, the closure of schools has denied today’s students the much-needed distraction from their monotonous learning activities. The many extras that play a role in developing a well-rounded student are absent in the corona infested curriculum.

In a country that has been actively debating on its widening digital divide, the topic of extracurricular activities has little importance. However, it was good to see some schools care about their students and moving their extracurricular or after-school activities online. In those schools, students took online games that kept them alert and involved in a group activity. There were quizzes, debates, elocutions, and music and art lessons on digital platforms. Audio plays, short films, readings over video calls, and online viewing of theatre and drama conducted virtually helped students keep in touch with an activity that was common during pre-COVID-19 times. It was tough. A magical touch was missing. However, we tried like kids learning their first alphabet.

Diving deep into this subject, we have come up with a special issue that focuses on ‘Best Practices in K12 Education: Blending Academics and Extracurriculars in the New Normal.’ This magazine has a collection of insightful articles and fascinating thoughts by some prominent names in the education sector. We hope our efforts will help our readers to understand the importance of extracurricular activities and how to conduct them in the online education system.

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