Parminder Singh, Operations & Facilities Manager, Victory Heights Primary School, Victory Heights Foundation, The Wonder Years Nursery Dubai Sports City, and The Wonder Years Nursery Remraam

Parminder Singh has a Spectral Experience in Operations & Administration of World Class Schools in India & Dubai. He has prepared Institutions for ISO certifications & Board audits/approvals. Further, he has also Framed School policies operational framework/ guidelines for Schools Operations. He has also Conducted Seminars & Workshops on Business Development, Health & Safety in Schools. 


“We must look forward and anticipate the future so that our country leads globally.” H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. (Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai) 

The Middle East is the Center of the World and the Dynamic Leadership is setting high standards and trends in the Education Sector, which earlier was catering to the Emiratis & Expat families, now has a continuous flow of Students from all over the world. 

This Sector starts from basic Nursery/foundation/kindergarten stages to world renowned University Branches Affiliated Colleges and highly accomplished institutional Brands. 

Education sector attracts and invites talent from all corners of the Globe. Economically balanced with spectral choice and financial options for all. 

Government Bodies such as ADEC (Abu Dhabi Education Council) KHDA (Knowledge and Human Development Authority) and the MOE (Ministry Of Education) have an advanced frame work for Quality Control, International Standards, Evolvement and Innovation. All Education Institutions are inspected annually and rated on educational content, activities, sciences, culture, health & safety 

and related parameters, besides Institutions always under random inspection scanner. A big contribution has been from the Curriculum/Boards of various countries. The Middle East Education has a variety of Curriculums from CIE, IB, ISC, CBSE, English National, French, Australian, American, Canadian, German Swiss, Iranian and Arabic. State of the art Infrastructure & Facilities further enhance the experience. 

The system provides support in all aspects for the students to learn, evolve and get trained with knowledge. International, Cosmopolitan culture blended with traditional oriental values make Students rich in acceptability with adaptability. With the increase in investors and settlers due to welcoming liberal laws and long term visa policies of the government the middle east has become the most attractive destination. 

The unprecedented pandemic situation has further highlighted the preparedness & effectiveness of the Education systems in UAE, while the world struggled, Institutions based here took the challenge and in the most planned manner kept the essential educational management balanced online & offline. Staff was well trained, certified and kept in the loop for all developmental decision taken, with this approach the Students were never at a loss and equally participated in this new order. Having the fastest Internet in the world was a blessing for the teachers & the taught. 

Educational Institutions under the rules & regulations of the Municipality and Health Authorities also provide guidelines for strict adherence to Student Teacher ratio, spacious play arenas, standard approved equipment, unique approach to education, with combined value-based systematic & innovative programs designed to impart the latest skillset and holistic development.

The Government keenly monitors this Sector and its Management, Students are given opportunities to participate in various programs & functions to understand and get trained with the best and the latest technology. 

Over the years the improvement and advancement has really brought this region in limelight as many of the Universities & Colleges from the Middle East region have figured on the Global Top Lists with the Students making a mark on the International scene, with the diversification from the oil industry to medical & educational sectors, enormous efforts are on by various governments to streamline the public education sectors are on to streamline & synchronize with the private sector. The results are very much to the expectations, gender discrimination is a way of the past and present scenario proves Females equally lead at spectral fronts. 

The future is bright with well above the world average of 87.6% in the GCC countries, the worry however is, about the countries & territories under conflict & civil war and unrest, the human influx from these areas also moves to the settled countries and become a part of the system. Besides there is marked difference of quality education amongst the countries of the region, where UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Jordan are way above at International standards, countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen and a few others. The UNICEF & World Bank do allocate funds to these states for Education. 

Overall the Middle East Education Sector is getting advanced and progressing as per International Criteria. Leadership is progressive and understands the value and application of Education. An immense opportunity lies ahead for Investors, Planners, Managers and Brands to promote profitable Education.


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