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Fettes College Guangzhou is a result of a collaboration between Fettes College UK and Country Garden Schools, combining their respected traditions and global reputation. The institution provides a comprehensive 15-year international education that covers all levels, from early years to high school. Fettes College Guangzhou offers a unique blend of bilingual teaching and British-style boarding facilities to its students. “We aim to provide a holistic education that bridges Eastern and Western cultures,” says Jeroen Gakes, FCG’s Expat Head of College.

Underpinning our educational philosophy is the motto Industria, emphasizing the value of diligence and practice in shaping wisdom and foresight. Building upon the 10 IB Learner Profile attributes, our core values also include Industria (diligence) and Kindness. Therefore, our core values encompass Industria (diligence), Kindness, Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced and Reflective. These values form the bedrock of our vibrant learning community, fostering an environment characterized by wisdom, courage, and compassion. “We believe in nurturing not just academic excellence but also character development,” adds Julie Zheng, FCG’s Chinese Head of College.

Exploring the Fettes College Guangzhou Campus

The Fettes College Guangzhou campus, a marvel crafted by the renowned global firm Brandway Malyan, harmonizes Oriental and Lingnan culture with China’s national education standards and FCG’s educational ethos. This international campus is in verdant surroundings, fostering a tranquil atmosphere conducive to learning. “Our campus design reflects our commitment to providing a nurturing environment that inspires academic and personal growth,” notes Mr. Gakes.

Boasting cutting-edge teaching facilities, the campus is dedicated to creating a holistic and technologically advanced setting. It emphasizes the fusion of education and technology within a natural backdrop, furnishing students with contemporary learning amenities and ample spaces for self-directed study and exploration. “Our goal is to offer students a modern educational experience grounded in traditional values,” adds Ms. Zheng.

Jeroen Gakes, FCG’s Expat Head of College

The campus is replete with amenities, including three libraries, over 50 individual instrument practice rooms, indoor and outdoor sports facilities such as an Olympic-standard heated swimming pool, theatres, climbing walls, squash and tennis courts, basketball courts, a gymnasium, FIFA-certified soccer fields, FIBA-certified basketball courts, and the region’s sole 1000-square-meter indoor equestrian arena.

Fettes College Guangzhou operates under a distinctive system wherein both Chinese and expatriate heads of the college collaborate in its management. This collaborative ethos extends to teaching, with a blend of Chinese and expatriate educators working in tandem. “Our collaborative teaching model enriches the educational experience by fostering cultural exchange and critical thinking,” explains Mr.  Gakes.

Most classes are supported by both a Chinese and an expatriate homeroom tutor, providing students with comprehensive mentorship. This collaborative teaching method nurtures critical thinking and intercultural understanding among students. “This approach allows students to benefit from diverse perspectives and develop versatile skills,” adds Ms. Zheng. Moreover, both Chinese and expatriate boarding staff are dedicated to the holistic well-being and development of boarding students.

Julie Zheng, FCG’s Chinese Head of College

The Educators of Fettes College Guangzhou

Fettes College Guangzhou prides itself on its diverse faculty, comprising qualified expatriate teachers from various countries alongside Chinese educators with international educational backgrounds. This amalgamation of talents creates a rich multicultural learning environment for students. “Our faculty represents the global essence of education, bringing diverse perspectives into the classroom,” affirms Mr. Gakes.

With nearly a hundred teaching staff and house parents from around the world, the school fosters an inclusive atmosphere. The majority of expatriate teachers hail from English-speaking nations such as the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada, with British nationals constituting half of the total. “Our diverse faculty ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in an interconnected world,” asserts Ms. Zheng.

The faculty at Fettes College Guangzhou boasts impressive academic credentials from renowned universities worldwide. Sixty percent have undergone overseas study experiences, and all hold teaching certifications. With an average of over 8 years of teaching experience, educators not only demonstrate expertise in their fields but also excel in guiding students toward academic excellence and personal growth.

The institution prioritizes the professional development of its faculty, offering diverse training opportunities to keep them abreast of educational innovations. “We are committed to providing our teachers with the tools and resources they need to excel in their profession,” states Mr. Gakes.

Through supportive feedback mechanisms and clear paths for career advancement, Fettes College Guangzhou ensures that its faculty remains motivated and engaged, delivering the highest standards of education to students. Annual performance reviews and constructive feedback contribute to a culture of continuous improvement and teaching excellence within the institution. “Our goal is to empower educators to continuously enhance their teaching practices,” adds Ms. Zheng.

Academic Offerings

In the Primary and Middle School divisions, Fettes College Guangzhou adopts a curriculum based on the Chinese National Curriculum (CNC) infused with elements of the PYP/MYP curriculum. In the High School division, students have the option to enrol in IGCSE and A-Level courses, providing a diverse array of academic pathways. “Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in a global context,” states Mr.Gakes.

The institution also offers specialized art programmes in collaboration with the Cambridge Visual Performing Arts College. These programmes allow students to pursue domestic art curriculum or a combination of domestic and overseas exchange study, preparing them for admission to prestigious art universities. “Our goal is to offer students a comprehensive academic experience that caters to their individual interests and aspirations,” adds Ms. Zheng.

Furthermore, Fettes College Guangzhou boasts an extensive selection of elective courses and extracurricular activities, totalling over 80 options across sports, arts, humanities, science, technology, and academics. From equestrianism to English drama, students have ample opportunities to explore their interests and foster holistic development. “Our art programmes provide students with tailored guidance and opportunities for artistic development,” notes Mr. Gakes.

The institution maintains a remarkably high teacher-to-student ratio, employing a small class teaching model to ensure personalized attention and support. This approach allows for tailored learning plans to meet the diverse needs of students. “Our small class sizes enable teachers to provide individualized support and guidance,” explains Ms. Zheng.

With a structured schedule that includes formal classes, self-directed study, extracurricular activities, and designated prep time, Fettes College Guangzhou aims to instil effective time management skills in students. This balanced approach to learning facilitates academic success while allowing students to pursue their passions and interests outside the classroom.

Specialized Programmes and International Opportunities

Fettes College Guangzhou partners with the Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA), offering students the choice between a three-year domestic art programme or a combination of two years of domestic study and one year of overseas exchange. This prepares students for further education at their desired art universities, encompassing both performing and visual arts. “Our partnership with CSVPA provides students with specialized training in the visual and performing arts,” states Mr. Gakes.

Tailored for students in grades 6-12 with a passion for performing arts and music, this programme integrates international academic courses with specialized performing arts and music courses, aiming to cultivate students’ artistic talents within an international framework. “Our goal is to nurture future artists with a global perspective,” adds Ms. Zheng.

Through collaborations with overseas institutions like Fettes College UK, Fettes College Guangzhou offers international exchange programmes that broaden students’ horizons and expose them to diverse cultures and educational systems, enhancing their global competitiveness. “Our international exchange programmes provide students with invaluable experiences and perspectives,” explains Mr. Gakes.

Fettes College Guangzhou boasts a 1,000-square-meter indoor equestrian centre, offering comprehensive courses from beginner to advanced levels for equestrian enthusiasts. The curriculum covers basic horsemanship, advanced riding, jumping, and competition preparation, providing students with a well-rounded equestrian education. “Our equestrian programmes cater to students of all skill levels and interests,” notes Ms. Zheng.

In addition, the school’s aerospace science and education courses offer a comprehensive learning path for aviation enthusiasts and future professionals. From theoretical knowledge to practical operation, students engage in flight simulation training, drone operation, and participation in aerospace projects. “Our aerospace courses provide hands-on learning experiences that prepare students for careers in the aerospace industry,” states Mr. Gakes.

Fettes College Guangzhou’s commitment to specialized programmes and international opportunities underscores its dedication to providing students with a well-rounded education that prepares them for success in a rapidly evolving global landscape. “Our students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-world settings and develop practical skills,” adds Ms. Zheng.

Comprehensive Extracurricular Offerings

Fettes College Guangzhou offers an extensive selection of over 80 extracurricular activities spanning various fields, designed to foster students’ interests and skills comprehensively. “Our diverse extracurricular programme provides students with opportunities for holistic growth and development,” Mr. Gakes.

The activities are categorized into several areas:

Sports Activities: Including a wide range of sports such as baseball, boxing, American football, cheerleading, equestrianism, martial arts, swimming, basketball, tennis, and golf. These activities aim to enhance students’ physical fitness, teamwork, and sports skills.

Arts and Culture: Offering activities such as calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, English drama, fashion design, art competitions, and chamber orchestra. These activities cultivate students’ aesthetic sense, creativity, and cultural awareness.

Science and Technology: Involving robotics, chemistry clubs, psychology societies, mathematics and science competitions, and economics exam tutoring. These activities stimulate students’ spirit of inquiry, scientific literacy, and problem-solving skills.

Practical Skills: Including financial literacy, fitness, tea art, community design, and college guidance. These activities help students acquire life skills, enhance social adaptability, and develop self-management abilities.

Language and Literature: Offering activities such as English reading, IELTS writing, and English comedy clubs. These activities strengthen students’ language use, literary appreciation, communication, and expression skills.

Music and Performing Arts: Including opportunities in rock bands, violin, and debates. These activities nurture students’ musical talent, performance skills, and confidence.

Mind and Strategy Games: Such as Go, to exercise students’ logical thinking and strategic planning abilities.

Each category of activity is designed to be both engaging and educational, ensuring students achieve comprehensive growth in a diverse environment while pursuing their personal interests. “Our aim is to cultivate well-rounded individuals with diverse interests and talents,” adds Ms. Zheng.

The school regularly organizes various events such as art festivals, music festivals, science and technology festivals, and sports days, providing platforms for students to showcase their talents and achievements. In addition, Fettes College Guangzhou organizes resilience activities and extracurricular exploratory activities to promote students’ perseverance and practical inquiry capabilities. The institution also offers distinctive winter and summer camp study tours in areas such as science, art, and sports, catering to the diverse interests and needs of students.

The Boarding Experience

The boarding system at Fettes College Guangzhou is a cornerstone of the institution’s educational ethos, providing students with an immersive and supportive environment. “Our boarding system aims to create a home away from home for our students,” states Mr. Gakes.

Staffed by a dedicated team of “parent” figures, including Chinese and expatriate teachers, expat house parents, Chinese and expat assistant house parents, expat academic advisors, and residential life teachers, the boarding section serves as an extension of both home and school. This multifaceted team ensures that students receive individualized attention and encouragement throughout their boarding journey. “Our dedicated boarding team ensures that every student receives personalized care and support,” adds Ms. Zheng.

With fluency in English among all house parents and residential life carers, students could communicate in English during their daily lives. However, Chinese is also used by residential life carers, providing students with opportunities to unwind and seek guidance or support in their native language when needed.

The boarding facilities feature warm furnishings and inviting communal spaces, including a cozy kitchen, comfortable sofas, and well-stocked bookshelves and individual instrument practice rooms. These spaces serve as hubs for socializing and relaxation, with the boarding department arranging opportunities for students to interact and unwind every evening.

Additionally, the boarding team organizes various activities such as swimming, basketball, fitness sessions, and art competitions. On weekends, students participate in rewarding activities like cooking, crafts, and hiking, led by teachers. These experiences foster independence and essential skills for university life abroad while cultivating cohesive relationships among students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Fostering Global Citizenship

At Fettes College Guangzhou, fostering a global outlook and an international mindset is a priority, demonstrated through extensive collaboration in teaching and administration, embodying the essence of holistic education. “Our collaborative approach creates a diverse, cross-cultural environment that enriches the educational experience,” states Mr. Gakes.

Through integration of the strengths of both Chinese and foreign education systems, students at Fettes College Guangzhou are actively engaged in shaping their character and developing their extracurricular talents. The school emphasizes holistic growth and personal development, valuing students’ overall well-being alongside academic success. “Our goal is to provide students with a comprehensive education that extends beyond academic achievement,” adds Ms. Zheng.

An accord was reached between Fettes College Guangzhou and Rotorua Intermediate School in New Zealand on various aspects, such as school management, teacher training, and comprehensive student development, leading to the signing of a collaborative agreement. This agreement encompasses enhancing teacher training programmes, initiating student exchange initiatives, and fostering in-depth cooperation in fields of educational research such as science, arts, athletics, and summer camps.  Partnerships with institutions like CSVPA, Fettes College UK and Rotorua Intermediate School facilitate student exchange programmes and cross-cultural learning experiences. “Our partnerships offer students valuable opportunities for international exchanges and collaborations,” notes Mr. Gakes.

Furthermore, Fettes College Guangzhou actively engages with international education organizations, providing students with diverse opportunities for participation in international conferences and volunteer activities. “These initiatives broaden students’ horizons and cultivate their sense of global citizenship,” adds Ms. Zheng.

Fostering Home-School Collaboration

Fettes College Guangzhou actively fosters a collaborative relationship between home and school, aiming to deepen parental understanding and involvement in educational activities. “Our aim is to create a strong partnership between home and school for the benefit of our students,” states Mr. Gakes.

Through regular parent-teacher meetings and heads of college-parent dialogues, parents are provided with platforms for direct interaction with educational management. This allows parents to contribute their perspectives and concerns, ensuring that educational decisions are closely aligned with their needs and expectations. “We value parental involvement and strive to provide meaningful opportunities for engagement,” adds Ms. Zheng.

Additionally, the school utilizes online platforms like WeCom and parent groups to promptly share school updates, educational information, and students’ academic progress with parents. This communication fosters trust and strengthens the partnership between home and school.

Furthermore, the school organizes educational workshops and extracurricular activities, inviting parents to participate firsthand. These activities offer insights into their children’s daily experiences and the overall educational environment, enhancing parents’ sense of connection with the school.

The school also emphasizes enhancing parental educational literacy through lectures and sharing sessions. By imparting advanced educational concepts and parenting techniques, parents are empowered to support their children’s growth effectively.

Continuous Improvement and Collaborative Growth

Fettes College Guangzhou is committed to continuously updating and improving its curriculum to reflect the latest academic research and industry trends. “Our goal is to provide students with a cutting-edge education that prepares them for the challenges of the future,” states Mr. Gakes.

The school achieves this by introducing innovative teaching methods and technologies, such as project-based learning, flipped classrooms, and digital learning platforms. These approaches enhance student engagement, learning efficiency, and foster critical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving abilities. “We prioritize innovation and collaboration to ensure our curriculum remains relevant and impactful,” adds Ms. Zheng.

Moreover, Fettes College Guangzhou aims to strengthen collaborations with top global schools to provide students with more international exchange and learning opportunities. “In addition to academic development, we prioritize nurturing students’ core competencies and skills to prepare them for the future,” explains Mr. Gakes.

The school operates within a strong educational conglomerate, benefiting from unwavering and comprehensive support. This support translates into significant investments in educational resources, ensuring consistently high standards and exceptional teaching quality. “We encourage active participation from parents and community members to create a supportive learning environment,” adds Ms. Zheng.

Furthermore, the Country Garden Schools consistently invest in the enhancement and modernization of teaching equipment, ensuring that Fettes College Guangzhou remains at the forefront of educational innovation.

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