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Adhering to the needs of the current times, Raunaq was motivated to launch an online educational platform, Found My Teacher. FMT’s mission is to redefine the way knowledge is imparted in the present day scenario. It aims at helping both the students and educators from the ease of their own homes. It is an excellent platform that can be used to access the best of the mentors, based on their choice of expertise, budget and location thus bridging the gap between the student and educators.


The global Covid-19 pandemic has greatly pressurized education institutes and educationalists worldwide. But, it has produced opportunities to encourage innovation in teaching and learning techniques. Micro-learning is one of those innovations providing a skilled-based technique to teaching that renders information in small pieces that students can grasp within some time, as per their chosen timetable and location.

Even though bite-size learning has turned out to be progressively widespread in recent years, it has an extensive past even prior to the existence of desktops. However, it became significant while it bumped into the contemporary smartphone. Moreover, in the current time of proximity and short attention span, it is a model that can be utilized around different types of learning.

Blogs, articles, quizzes, simulations, videos, infographics, audio clips, e-books, etc., are all micro-learning tools. Given that the content is in short bursts of info that assist the learners in receiving personalized information within a minimal time period, the tool employed isn’t of much importance. It isn’t regarding content consumption only.

Here are a few methods wherein the students can execute the strategy.

Supplement courses

Modules can be created for supporting learning and utilized for helping recollection of data from within the lessons or post-lecture sessions.

Flipped classroom learning

Students can receive modules outside the learning hours and efficiently use the learning hours for discussions and practical work.

Learn new language

The students can even learn creative writing or learn to write in a different language by assembling small sentences.

Irrespective of adhering to a bite-sized format, micro-learning needs to be incorporated into higher studies. For teachers wanting to provide the students helpful skill sharpening chances, it gives a way to look different from others and can effectively upskill the learners in helping remembering. Rather than loading them with elongated content and info, short snippets aid them in grabbing main points without any difficulty, thereby resulting in information remembering and being able to employ it to benefit.

As per a data by Educational Computing Research, the short snippets helps in better retaining information by a minimum of 20 percent. It even assists them in concentrating on relevance. In essence, micro-learning is task-oriented that does away with irrelevant info. It gives the students the correct info that they want to get the task completed as efficiently as they can.

Irregularities in Online Learning

  1. Lack of motivation

In online learning, there are times when it is tough to know exactly how you are doing the work. Try not to hesitate to ask your teachers/professors about your progress all through the online course, and avoid separation and disconnection by adopting a community with your buddies.

Keeping up motivation is tough when you do not need to face the teacher personally. Thus, get a family member or an acquaintance to keep a check on you and have you liable for your work. In addition, breaking down the course info into pieces can make the work look less daunting. Therefore, it will keep you motivated to finish the work.

  1. Technical problems

Since the internet is a great and essential resource for those learning online, it can even lead to problems. If you do not have a good Wi-Fi connection or high bandwidth, this type of learning turns out to be almost impossible. Also, keeping in touch technical necessities of a selected program can be demanding.

The right method to combat this is to be prepared beforehand by reassuring that you have basic computer knowledge, have familiarity with the programs that you will be using the most, and be aware of what help to seek as technical problems take place. Don’t hesitate to get from the IT department since there are loads of resources obtainable to you.

  1. Poor management of time

As the flexibility of online courses is great for individuals who have much more on their plate, the nonattendance of a firm structure has some folks scrambling.  Fight off procrastination by creating a study or assignment timetable to maximize your time and hit your deadlines easily.

For managing time at the time of online learning, look for assistance from your family, or friends. This way, you’ll not miss the boat on learning, and simultaneously, the task will be completed. Try to avoid taking multiple jobs all at once. Instead, finish one work at a time, or else it can result in less efficacy and productivity.

  1. Administrative problems

In online learning, frustration usually starts from learners not knowing when or how to get in touch with their teachers or professors, plus poor communication regarding assignments expectations. So what to do in this case? If you are perplexed regarding coursework or exams and do not get a prompt reply from your teachers, professors, or other sources, visit your classmates.

Via discussion threads and chat rooms, you are certain to find a mate that is undergoing a similar situation and can give much-needed clearness.

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