Neeraj Mohan Puri, Principal, Satyug Darshan Vidyalaya

Neeraj Mohan Puri, is a passionate and far-sighted educationist with almost 21 years of invaluable experience under his belt. Mr. Puri is an exemplary alumnus of A.B. College in Pathankot from the 1999 batch. In addition to that, he has successfully attained multifarious academic degrees from well-established universities such as Master of Commerce from Himachal Pradesh University, Master of Business Administration from Indira Gandhi National Open University and Master of Philosophy from Vinayak Mission University and Master of Arts from Himachal Pradesh University.


“Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.”

Star power is a real-time, person to person, non-computer based replication game of an organization or system in which leaders are given unlimited & boundless powers to make the rules of the simulation change. Star power means the influence of one’s presence, either through endorsements, popularity or vote of confidence in the said person that often lends itself to strongly influencing an unavoidable decision.

Star power plays a vital role in almost every field, whether it is education, fashion, business, marketing. Talking particularly about the field of education, star power focuses on increasing students knowledge about their subject area more transparently and enormously. Well, it’s the fact that teachers play a unique role in strengthening roots of knowledge in their students, but a professional who has real experience in that field can guide students better. Students have a chance to improve their understanding of the subject by acquiring information and knowledge through trading with the professional and other participants.

Numerous universities worldwide are waking up to the benefits of having industry professionals involved in the world of academic and teaching students. Bridging the gap between ‘traditional’ teaching methodologies and the application of industry knowledge in the classroom not only enhances the curriculum but can help students comprehend the link between theory and practice, as well as prepare them better for the future.

Change in the education system during today’s era demand master classes. Master class has taken a unique revolution on online training. Instead of hiring professional teachers like college professors or school teachers, their courses are taught by experts in the field, including big prominent personalities. The power and influence of a professional is curious, because an experienced person can empower you with special rights and privileges. For example- You can learn about Journalism from any leading professional in Journalism like Barkha Dutt, Sweta Singh, Sudhir Chaudhary. They can provide you with more accurate facts and clarity about journalism.

Benefits of Instructors with Star Power

  1. Insight into the industry itself- Industry professionals tend to have more ample knowledge of the inner workings of the professional world, including the markets, systems and processes. Having proficient and renowned specialists teach in an academic setting can transform participants into capable and skilled people.
  2. Provide real-world experience- Industry professionals have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the principles and theories within their field. At the same time, distinctive collaborations between industry and academics combine the best of both worlds and are highly beneficial for the students. But, can’t deny the fact that the practical knowledge and experience of an instructor with star power helps in witnessing the real world.
  3. Help boost career visions- To have a fundamental understanding of the industry by the professions before graduating can be a real deal-breaker for some people. Combining experience with theory can be very useful for participants and equip them with the skills and solid knowledge they need to develop and become more eye-catching to companies.
  4. Improve networking- Your professor or the instructor who is enriched with star power is very likely to have a lot of contacts within the industry. Depending on your ambitions and plans, they may even be able to put you in connection with the right people and be the golden ticket to helping you get a foot on the career ladder.
  5. Help in identifying potential challenges and their solution- An instructor with industry experience has been exposed to various situations and challenges in their work, and they can communicate these experiences and how they specifically overcame them.
  6. Improve communication skills- Another benefit of having an instructor with star power is that students learn the importance of soft skills like communication, presentation, email etiquettes, corporate grooming and dressing styles. Communicating with successful people is the most considerable enthusiasm, and inspiration students can gain in more than one way when they interact in such sessions.

The extremity line to getting an education from instructors with industry experience is that they are incredibly knowledgeable about the type of work they still do or have done outside of an academic environment. As a learner, having access to these professionals has immeasurable assistance and can help students OK their career focus and pursue their desired career paths.

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