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Divya Jain, a commerce graduate from the Delhi University is presently running two schools in Noida successfully. She is full of ideologies, enthusiasm, indepth knowledge and intellect. A woman of few words who lets her work ethics and professional discipline speak on her behalf. She is well known for her integrity, humility and matured sense of discretion coupled with strokes of motivation and confidence. She is assiduous in whatever she does and her commitment to good governance, people management was honoured with “Design Thinking Leaders Award” by Education World Grand Jury.


With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the planet, online education and homeschooling have become essential for parents who want to educate their children at home. Many questions arise for these parents, and they worry whether online education will benefit their children in the long run. Among the many benefits of homeschooling, the most important component is comprehending its utility and selecting the finest solutions accessible.

Online homeschooling necessitates a certain level of discipline from the children in addition to government-approved curricula and schedule flexibility. The skillset would evolve with the child’s age, but the fundamentals would remain the same. With the emergence of online home education schools in India, the path has become a little smoother since parents must now ensure that their children attend online lessons regularly; the child must be taught to take online studies as seriously as going to school physically.

Home-schooled children are more likely to be creative and interested in academic activities, according to research. Homeschooling allows you to provide your child one-on-one attention while also allowing them to explore their natural curiosity and work toward goals that are most suited to their personality. Parents must participate in activities that will aid in enhancing their children’s focus, as they may feel too at ease in their own homes. The youngsters must be taught that their freedom does not imply focusing less on their schoolwork than children who attend physical schools.

One must also consider the child’s study environment, which can significantly impact productivity and academic achievement. Thankfully, homeschooling allows you a great deal of freedom. The optimal study environment is not under the parent’s control; rather, the ideal environment must be agreed upon by both the parent and the child. It could be a child’s bedroom, a lawn, or a study centre where she can study with her peers. A suitable study environment aids the child’s ability to concentrate, think, solve problems, and relax.

According to an IBM study, students enrolled in e-learning programmes learn five times more than students enrolled in traditional learning programmes. Online learning also encourages students to be self-motivated and hardworking because they must be highly self-reliant and proactive to achieve their academic objectives. It fosters critical thinking by requiring pupils to solve problems independently without the presence of a teacher to watch their every move. This helps them develop character and problem-solving skills, which will come in handy as an employee.

It is common knowledge that a child’s productivity will suffer if they spend too much time studying and that they may even lose interest in studying. On the other hand, exercise will keep the children fit and help them absorb and retain more knowledge, improving their academic achievement. Include field visits to museums, monuments, old cities, and other places where the youngster can see the world’s grandeur firsthand and develop cognitively. It is normally advisable to stick to a routine after it has been established, but it is also vital to adjust it according to the child’s changing requirements and comfort level with the schedule.

Homeschooling makes education available to everybody, regardless of their location, political affiliation, or medical condition. Formal education has many advantages, yet it is not practicable or relevant for many people. With breakthroughs in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and high-speed internet becoming more widely available, homeschooling has a bright future and may even become the norm. Focusing on a child’s creative potential to solve challenging problems will become increasingly important for the child’s future success. This is made feasible by the flexibility given by homeschooling, which also allows the youngster to explore a wide range of options.

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