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Over the last few years, the education sector has experienced a digital revolution that has transformed the lives of young learners. On the one hand, if flip classes have provided an added advantage. On the other hand, Edmodo, the open-source learning platform, has given leverage to the teaching-learning process. Modern Public School (MPS) has worked to incorporate the same teaching mechanisms over the years. “At MPS, we ensure that every student receives best-in-class content and personalized instructions. The school facilitates cloud learning so that quality education goes unrestricted in physically bound classrooms,” says Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School. 

Other than digitization in education, MPS also lays stress on life skills teaching. Quality circle, Open House Discussions, Special Assemblies dedicated to Global issues, Exhibitions & Grand displays, Project-based Presentations are a few out of many teaching pedagogies that the school follows to let the students openly express their views and concerns on matters of contention. Setting up the Atal Tinkering Laboratories in the school under the aegis of the Government of India is a testimony that the motive of the deliverance of education at MPS is to ignite the spark of curiosity by reiterating how to think instead of what to think. The innovative pedagogies implemented in the school have paved the way from traditional rote learning to skill-based learning and hence, are preparing the students for life ahead. 

Impact of Covid-19 on Education Sector

The entire education system underwent a complete overhaul in the wake of the pandemic. While the focus remains centred on providing top-notch education to students so they can realize their potential, schools will be adopting different and more efficient mechanisms for achieving these goals. The future education system will be an amalgamation of blended mode as well as experiential learning. The New Education Policy (NEP 2020) will also play a significant role in charting a new course for imparting education. Modular learning, academic bank of credit, focus on vocational learning, project-based learning, and an overall future-oriented approach to teaching will transform the education landscape forever. “As an educational institution that has always focused on preparing its students for the life that awaits them, we welcome these changes. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure they are implemented at the soonest and in the most effective way possible,” adds Alka. 

For Modern Public School, the impact of Covid-19 was much lesser because even before the lockdown came into effect, MPS was a Microsoft School. However, students’ mental well-being remained the prime concern at MPS, as the lockdown was very difficult for some students to handle. To counter these adverse effects, the school organized webinars at regular intervals to interact with students and keep a check on their mental health. The school also established a counselling cell and launched Muskurahat, a 24/7 hotline, where children could vent out their emotions and feel better on an emotional level.

Delivering the best for children development

MPS takes pride in being a bridge for students’ progress. Shedding light on MPS’ journey to date, Alka says, “We always aim to direct and guide our students to excel at every level. The teachers play the role of a friend, a philosopher, and guide, urging and motivating the students to always believe that nothing is impossible if you have unshakable dedication towards your goal. MPS is a great place to study as the happiness quotient of each child is the priority of every stakeholder of the school.” The school provides a balanced environment through critical thinking, inquiry-based learning, and inter-cultural understanding. Project-based research, excursions, real-life case studies, simulation of real-life situations are just a few of many techniques employed to build core competencies amongst the children. Experiential learning at MPS caters to the overhauling of the 4 Cs, including communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity amongst students. 

Further, to ensure that parents are equally part of their children’s development, MPS conducts regular activities to keep the parents up-to-date with their wards’ progress and advises them on how they too can help their children realize their full potential. The MPS team periodically organizes webinars for counselling the parents and organizes parent-teacher meetings to make sure that parents are thoroughly involved in the different school activities. Also, understanding the important role that teachers perform for a child’s development, MPS offers regular workshops and in-service training programs for professional development to its teachers. This is a win-win strategy as it helps the teachers advance in their careers and helps the students as they get an opportunity to learn from the best teachers in practice. 

Marching on even amidst pandemic

Shedding light on MPS plans for the near future, Alka said, “At MPS, we have already started working on the reopening process of the school. Reducing the number of students present inside the classes is of utmost importance as it will aid in maintaining physical distancing. To accomplish this goal, we will conduct classes in a staggered manner, where only a few students will be allowed to be present in a class.” Operating schools in the post-Covid era would be a challenge, and the schools will have to come to terms with the new normal. The schools would require a total revamping and restructuring of their policies to ensure the children’s safety. Post-Covid classrooms will be much different from what they were before the pandemic. Social distancing is something that the schools will have to practice even after the reopening. To tackle this challenge, MPS will resort to blended learning. The team at MPS has organized and reset the classrooms keeping social distancing in mind. Tables and chairs are placed at a distance as prescribed by the physical distancing norms. The entire school has been sanitized, and thermal scanners have been installed at the entrances to identify and isolate anyone who might show fever symptoms. “Regardless of whether the signs are noticeable or not, the extended lockdown and the current scenario of panic and fear has certainly taken a toll on the mental health of children. It is, therefore, the duty of parents and teachers to ensure that the children are not suffering from mental illnesses like anxiety, stress, and depression,” adds Alka. 

Under the inspiring tutelage and leadership of Ms Alka, the school has marched ahead in full stride, tall and proud, and scaled many peaks. Some of the MPS students have brought laurels home, both at national and international levels. Alka encompasses her vision of making the world beautiful by spreading the light of education through her pious efforts, meticulous work, infinite patience endowed with divine blessings. Sparkle in her eyes and the spirit of ‘miles to go before I sleep’ defines her invincible and indefatigable spirit. 

Alka Kapur, Principal

“Happiness quotient is the first prerequisite for a child to blossom,” says Ms Alka Kapur, Principal, Modern Public School. With an illustrious career of 32 years, Ms Alka Kapur has provided selfless service to Modern Public School and has taken it to new heights. She is among the Top 50 Edu Leaders in India, and her school, Modern Public School, has been featured in Forbes India Marquee Edition, The Great Indian Schools. Ms Alka Kapur is also well renowned for the CSR program, Roti Bank, and her futuristic initiative toward ‘Green’ school.

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