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We all dream, but visionaries dream and actualize these dreams. When Dr. Rawal, a firm believer in Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya ji, had a dream, wherein Gurudev appeared to him and instructed him to open a school exclusively for girls, he wasted no time and set about starting a venture that would ensure quality education to girls. He established Mussoorie International School in the pristine hills of Mussoorie to realize the vision of providing a platform for each girl to explore her latent talent in the desired field. The school, since its inception, firmly believes that little girls with dreams become women with vision. The mission of Mussoorie International School (MIS) reflects this belief: inspire girls to be fearless leaders and women of integrity by promoting a culture of enduring educational excellence, social, emotional, physical wellness in a caring, happy secure, and spiritual environment enriched with values of discipline, mutual care, respect, and tolerance. Although the picturesque school is nestled between pristine nature, it is by no means lagging in providing avant-garde, cutting edge education.

“Industry Revolution 4.0 is here to stay and is bringing about significant changes in the way students learn. The use of emerging technologies both in and outside the classroom, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the teaching-learning system, and the exposure of students to all of these changes in a reasonable measure are contributing to a change in education. It is the right time to start shaping our young minds to face the fast-changing world and the challenges that it brings with it. Our school ensures that its students are exposed to the latest in teaching methodologies and adopts an innovative path towards taking the current generation into the future and making sure they succeed,” says Ms. Meeta Sharma, Principal, Mussoorie International School. MIS hands its students the freedom to choose between the CISCE, CAIE, and the IBDP curricula. Students study the CISCE curriculum from primary to grade VIII and then have the opportunity to either continue with the CISCE or opt for the CAIE curriculum at IGCSE level. Further, the school allows its students to opt for the IBDP at the plus two levels.

Holistic Development
To keep pace with the challenges of today and to prepare the students for tomorrow, the school ensures that girls are given the best pastoral care and counselling. In addition to this, MIS ensures appropriate skill-based learning, using the latest teaching methodology and pedagogies, which are imparted to students from 27 countries. Peer learning is encouraged as it enables learners to broaden their perspectives and adapt to changes in the environment and cultural differences. Bridge courses and special attention classes are organized for those learners who need them to meet the standards and expectations of the school. “Internationalism is incorporated into the curriculum along with inter-disciplinary teaching to ensure that learners have an in-depth understanding of the topics and can benefit from best practices hands-on teaching and learning experiences,” the Principal adds.

MIS ensures that its students are given the opportunity to learn using the latest in teaching methodologies. “We encourage our students to be independent thinkers and risk-takers. We promote innovative thinking and support ideas and thoughts by providing students with the platform to develop these ideas into constructive thinking processes and help them achieve the desired results. The science, computer, and language labs provide the students with hands-on learning while the Art and Design studios enable them to expand their creative bent of mind,” clarifies the Principal.

MIS students are encouraged to think outside the box and to take chances and learn by hands-on experience. The use of technology in the classroom enables them to stay abreast of the latest developments in technology, art and design, science, history, music, sports, and current affairs around the world. Moreover, the exposure to different cultures both within and beyond the school community helps the students to grow as global citizens who are prepared to take on the world and its challenges and carve a niche for themselves in the ever-changing scenario. The combination of traditional values with a modern outlook is what sets MIS apart from its peers. MIS’s USP lies in its weekly havens conducted every Saturday morning to instil in each student the importance of spirituality and the divine in their lives. MIS girls, when it comes to co-curricular activities, are offered a plethora of sports/games, yoga, and Zumba classes to ensure physical fitness. In addition to this, several clubs and societies that aims at honing their inherent creative abilities and create awareness about the world around them also occupy the campus.

Besides, various departmental publications and intra- and interschool activities are conducted throughout the year, providing each girl with the opportunity to showcase their talent in various fields. Meanwhile, the social service club encourages girls to give back to the community and stipulates that each child must put in 40 hours of service each year to grow as individuals and be better citizens. Given the initiatives, the school takes to ensure all-round development of its students, no wonder that MIS girls have been bagging recognitions after recognitions. For instance, in 2019 MIS produced the world topper in Hindi in the CAIE A-Level examinations. Meanwhile, another student cracked the IAS examinations and is currently serving as an officer.

Accomplished Gurus
MIS strictly abides by a mentor-mentee system, where each student is closely monitored in small groups by an assigned mentor who ensures the wellbeing of the child at school. In addition, a committed and dedicated pastoral care staff of 14 housemothers headed by a counsellor ensures that each child is nurtured emotionally and groomed to be independent. The school ensures that apart from the regular monitoring of the child’s progress, a regular review of the school’s systems and methodologies are also undertaken to ensure the high standards of MIS and the vision and mission of the school. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to know that the teaching faculty at MIS is also subject to appropriate assessments.

Moreover, the school offers avenues for professional development by way of numerous training courses, in-school workshops and seminars are availed by all teaching and pastoral care staff. Besides, the selection process for teachers is rigorous to ensure that only the best professionals and subject experts are hired. The MIS curriculum and daily schedule ensure that the girls become fearless, independent, socially responsible and good citizens of a society where respect for all, irrespective of social status, caste, culture, religion, or color is nurtured. “Our girls are also equipped to face the challenges of the outside world and to succeed despite all odds, all the while keeping in mind the values and traditions that have been inculcated in them during their formative years at school,” says the Principal.

MIS continues its journey towards academic excellence and its focus is academics coupled with all-round development of every child. Every opportunity will be provided for students to excel in various fields whether it be IAYP, Sports, Music and Dance, Art, MUN, Debate, Drama and all other co-curricular activities that help shape the overall personality of a child. In the coming years, MIS has set its unwavering focus to scale greater heights and ensure that every MIS student enters the world as an accomplished young lady who is prepared to tackle any challenge that comes her way.


Ms. Meeta Sharma, Principal, Mussoorie International School

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