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With more than a decade of experience in the international education consultancy service, Sethi now works as the Director of ESS Global – Study Abroad Consultant. Sethi’s professional experience encompasses Sales, Business Leadership, Personnel Management, Operations, General Management & Administration, Budget Development, Advertising, Media Planning, Relationship Management and Competition Analysis. ESS Global is a technology focused organisation, working with a mission to help students realize their international academic aspirations with high integrity, continuous innovation and unparalleled commitment


Australia has emerged as the new favourite destination for Indian students to undergo higher studies, welcoming more than 62,000 Indian students every year. However, from the last couple of years, students have started applying even for several undergraduate courses in the Australian universities. Thanks to the Australian government that ensures excellent academic as well as employment opportunities for international students, and of course welcoming visa policies that makes this country convenient and welcoming for foreign students to attain education.

So, while you decide to make a shift to Australia for studies, remember these tips.

Homework – Always do an in-depth research and proper homework on what subject to pursue, which university to apply, meeting the eligibility criteria, and most importantly, availability of adequate funds. It’s always advisable not to choose a university or opt for a subject blindly just by taking advise of friends and relatives.

Procedure to apply – There are three ways to apply for an Australian university. One, directly through the respective university’s website; second, through a local university and third, through an external agent. Go for the third option if you aren’t confident enough to apply for it by yourself; the appointed agent will come to your rescue and guide you through the entire process.

Understand the ‘Why’ – Whatever course or studies you are opting for, always understand the purpose before choosing that. If you are selecting a subject, for instance, accounting, then there should be a reason behind that. You are choosing it either due to decent job opportunities, which the course is offering or maybe due to your innate interest on the respective subject. So, ponder over the ‘Why’!

Accept and embrace change – Living abroad can be extremely challenging in the initial years of relocation, especially if you are homesick. Also, because of our parent’s concern on several factors such as safety, culture, circle etc. In that case, try and learn to embrace this change and always stay open to it. Your ideologies may not meet with others, but that’s fine; stay open and upbeat. That’s the perfect way of learning the new culture and making good friends.

Brim with passion – Ignite your innate passion to learn newer things and never hesitate asking questions. Listen carefully to what others say and stay open to opportunities of grasping the new learning atmosphere.

Health – As a foreigner, you must ensure you are covered with a proper health package – Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Read the guidelines of the package carefully to understand how it can help you with potential expenses at the time of emergencies or abrupt health issues. Explore all the nearby hospitals and emergency centers once you accommodate there.

Public transport – Although there is nothing to worry when it comes to using Australian public transport, you must skim through all the timelines and schedules of the services. Many transport services also give student concessions; ask for it and make sure you have proper transport cards basis your status and age.

Get habituated with new grades – Although India has also started grading students with letters, the letters used in Australian universities denote different meanings; for instance, HD stands for High Distinction.

In addition to the aforementioned points, remember that the minimum wage in Australia is A$ 17.70 per hour, and you can also work as tutors. So, what are you waiting for? Do a proper homework and fly off to Australia to kickstart your education.

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