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Ashish, co-founder and CEO Bambinos is determined to build a multi-category digital academy for extracurricular learning with a vision to make children future-ready and help them to explore their true potential.

The process of education has seen an irreversible change in the past decade and has been continuously evolving with the needs of consumers changing rapidly than ever before. It wasn’t long back when education was limited to the four walls of a classroom. A decade ago, it was next to impossible to imagine online education, but the niche Covid-19 pandemic created in the online industry for education is enduring. Edtech platforms have compelled the educators to redesign the curriculum for children. Earlier the idea of learning was only perceived with books and edtechs were only about preparing children for exams and few recorded videos, but as the industry is growing and evolving they have moved towards learning different skills that go beyond academic subjects.

According to the Global Education Census, almost two third of Indian students take extra tuitions after school. The need of the hour is not just memorising concepts from syllabus, but the ability to think out of the box, quick problem solving,logical reasoning and more. Children are now able to explore their interests in co curricular activities without hampering their academics. 64.67 percent children said that it was job prospects which motivated them to join the vocational course while 27.49 percent said that they wanted to acquire skills needed for self employment according to a survey conducted by the government. Parents are taking an equal interest in providing their children with the best edu-entertainment platforms available. These education platforms that go beyond academics and are making children future ready. The courses offered in Edutainment platforms are focused towards holistic development of children.Children later use the real time information in their everyday life and problem solving assessments.Edutainment platforms help children in building confidence and development of their personality, which are amongst the most important factors in professional lives today.

In today’s world overall development of children which includes confidence,communication skills and creative ability holds more value than educational qualifications than just bookish knowledge. With technology taking over the world in most sectors , it has now marked its presence in the education sector as well. Edutainment platforms are also introducing technology to children at an early age making them more informed and used to it. With the use of AI and ML in the sector they are now more fluid and accessible to all.The new wave of education lets children explore their interest with freedom which allows them to pursue careers later in their respective fields of choice.

The online platforms have also made the interaction amongst students and teachers from across the globe more easy, giving them an opportunity to learn from every nook and corner and learn smartly. Earlier the purpose of education was only to train students for academic success, but with changing scenarios around the world, it is also responsible for cultivating responsibility, sincerity, maturity as a part of their personality and learning through experience. As per the scholar Yuval Noah Harari outlines in his book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century he states how schools continue to focus on traditional academic skills and rote learning, rather than on skills such as critical thinking and adaptability, which will be more important for success in the future. Subjective and theoretical knowledge can never be enough to build all these within children, and hence edu-entertainment bridges this gap. The competition right now is like never before, skill learning in the 21st century weighs more than memorising and cramming bookish knowledge. .

Edu entertainment opens doors for children to explore activities that interest them. It also makes learning more fun, creative and enthusiastic unlike boring school class rooms. Skill based learning gives children an opportunity for real time learning experience and allows them to groom accordingly. Further, education in independent India has witnessed a sea change in terms of content, curriculum, quality and modes of teaching. New fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Coding, Creative writing, Yoga and Meditation and a variety of para-medical courses and many others have been introduced in recent years. Apart from formal education, correspondence courses, distance education, open education, home study, etc., have found wide acceptance in the society, as per report by Ministry of Statics and Programme Implementation India.When children are involved in skill based activity, they not only practice and learn but also are more happy,enthusiastic and willing to perform.

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