Deputy Head and Dean of Faculty, Dalton Academy, Beijing,

Ian is proud to an educator with over 35th years of experiencing in teaching and leading in International Schools.

He generated value and made a difference in every community and company he served by improving operational and financial performance and by generating desired results.

He believes in three pillars of strength – culture, people and systems. Ian led vision and goal setting exercises, established compelling professional cultures and communities, help people grow (building capacity, understanding and confidence) and built better professional systems/protocols for tracking and results (enhance efficiency and/or effectiveness, quality assurance, transparency and accountability).

Specialities: He enjoyed great experiences in public and private schools in Canada and in international schools. He works well in organizations that employ/desire a strategic perspective focused on results. He is particularly effective in schools that gauge success by looking most acutely at measured student learning outcomes and ratings of overall “client” satisfaction.

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