Dr. Arindam Banerjee, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean - GMBA & MGB, S P Jain School of Global Management

Dr. Arindam Banerjee is an associate professor of Finance and Assistant Dean for the full-time MBA programs at SP Jain School of Global Management’s Dubai Campus. He also serves as a strategic advisory board member at Department of Finance, College of Business Administration at Ajman University. Dr. Banerjee have travelled across the globe and lectured in more than twenty countries across Asia, Africa and Australia. As an academic, he has edited/authored more than a dozen books in Finance. In 2019, Dr. Banerjee was recognized among the top 100 leaders in education by the Global Forum for Education and Leadership, US for his continuous research contributions in higher education. In 2021, Dr. Banerjee was awarded SP Jain’s professor of the year for the period 2020-2021 amongst all professors from its four global campuses that included Dubai, Singapore, Australia and India. Dr. Banerjee holds a Doctoral Degrees, from UK.


What’s common between Joritz Philip L Cabriga from Philippines, Sumedh Shah and Aishwarya Vaidya (both from India)? Simple answer – a couple of years back, they all dreamt big and had career aspirations to make a mark in the global corporate world. Today, they are the inspirations to many younger aspiring minds who have the fire in their belly to fulfill their career aspirations.

MGBs are typically students who are ideally suited for junior to mid-level management roles. Students typically look for Management Trainee (MT) roles, leadership programs where they are trained in various functions, rotated among various departments and then selected for the function that they like or prefer. Additionally, students also take up roles in start-up companies as well.

The unique PRP prepares the MGB students comprehensively. PRP involves pairing students with their individual career objectives, work experience, educational background and, more importantly, positioning them for growth in their careers. Also something covered in it are leadership skills and communication training, professional presentation, voice and body language, and how students present themselves in a job interview. For students who wish to change their careers, it also offers special assistance by educating and training them on their new primary industry of interest. This “soft knowledge” helps students have to adapt better to a new work environment and have successful job interviews.

Over the years, the industry need for MGB students has seen quite a change. Prior to COVID, consulting and manufacturing industries had the lion’s share in terms of recruiting students in full time jobs. During the COVID years, Logistics & Supply Chain and Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) were the in demand jobs. This trend continued in 2020 with the Retail sector slowly picking up along with the existing demand in IT and ITES sectors. Post covid, the trend saw some remarkable changes. Technology remained a preferable destination for students as the sector continued to grow. In addition, the logistics, Financial Services Industry (FSI), Retail, Automobile, Consulting and FMCG sector picked up in demand. In terms of the locational demand, Dubai based companies recruited the majority of MGB students during the pre COVID period. During 2019-2020, 73% of the cohort graduated with full-time jobs in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Some of the notable recruiters being, Adani, Agility Logistics, Amazon, Anand Rathi Wealth, Aramex, Bayer, BOSCH, Cedar Consulting, Dabur, Daimler, Danzas, Dunia Finance, Empact Consulting, ICC loyalty, Landmark Group, Lenovo ME, MGI Luxury, Michelin, Reckitt Benckiser, Redington Gulf , Schneider Electric, Sharaf DG, Siemens and Viacom.

Companies in India such as Google, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Deutsche Bank, HSBC recruited students whereas globally renowned companies such as KPMG, Deloitte, Danzas, Protiviti, Arabian Automobiles, Network International, Agility and Grant Thornton were Dubai based recruiters. In south Asian markets, Singapore saw companies such as Dell, Coca-Cola, Credit Agricole, KPMG and Johnson & Johnson recruit MGB students.

Post COVID, in addition to Dubai, demand grew for Indian companies as well with gradual demand in South Asian markets too. The highest salary in South East Asia reached $52,226, in the Middle East, it was $ 40,592. The average salary in these two regions being $40,898 and $28,168 respectively. India also posted handsome salary with the highest being at $29,021 and average at $USD16,191

To sum up, SP Jain’s multinational career services teams in Dubai, India, Singapore and Sydney play a very important role in helping students achieve their career goals. In the initial terms of the program, the career services teams expose students to corporate centers, business leaders and entrepreneurs through guest lectures, industry visits and projects. In the final term of the program, the team’s help students build a strong career strategy and identify suitable roles/internships and companies for them to apply to.

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