April Ann R. Salutan, JHS Teacher, Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science

April Ann R. Salutan is a public-school teacher at Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science, where she teaches Research in both Grade 7 and Grade 9 level. She took her Bachelor’s degree at Philippine Normal University-Manila, Philippines with a specialization in General Science. It is her hobby to write to express ideas and impart knowledge.

Many claim that anyone can be a teacher, yet not all are called for it. Some chose this profession because it is their ultimate dream, while others are left with no other option thinking that it is the easiest college degree for the undecided. However, this is not so.  Many educators face a lot of pressure as they try to meet the expectations of different stakeholders. Coping up with the drastic changes happening in the field without compromising the quality of education that our young intellectuals receive is no mean feat. It is indeed true that teachers need not just wisdom as they enter the classroom but also the passion to do their duties and responsibilities for the sake of the learners.

Educators sacrifice a lot to achieve their ultimate goal—lifelong learning. Teachers wake up even before the sun rises to go to school and leave the faculty room only after the sun sets. This kind of sacrifice contributes a lot in the kind of learning environment the learners will have. And this only proves that teachers have a vital role in improving the quality of education that can be passed to the next generations.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” shows what is really expected from the students. They are the consumer of this business called EDUCATION, yet they must have dreams within them that will serve as their driving force to move forward. As they go to school, it is either they already have dreams with them that keep them inspired or they don’t have any. But because of the learning environment, they were given a chance to start and continue dreaming. Without dreams, success is unreachable. This is the challenge given by all stakeholders to our learners. They must know how to dream. They must identify what dreams to have. And lastly, discover how to make those dreams come true. All of these will serve as their scaffold to put through their mission in the society they belong to.

Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first

Parents play a vital role in their child’s life. It is believing that the mother serves as the first teacher of every child in the world as they are always there to support, especially in the formative years of the child. They are the ones who originally implements that so-called hidden curriculum by teaching morals and values that young intellectuals need to become what the society expects them to be. The parents serve as the role model for the young generation and it is their utmost duty to inspire them to become the better version of themselves. The immediate guidance and support that they can give to the students provide lots of opportunities for them to grow. Above all, the love and care they can provide unconditionally serve as the ultimate strength of the kids for them to be able to turn the impossibilities to possibilities.

Alone, we can do so little; Together, we can do so much

The community plays an important role in the holistic development of learners. How the people interact within a community mold the character of this young generation. The morals and values learned not just from home but also from the school are being amplified in the immediate community each individual belongs to. In the same way, how people of the community interact with the young can also be brought to school as each of them deals with different people involved in the school community. The community can inspire the youth that they can do something for the improvement of society even at a very young age. It can strengthen the beliefs engraved in their hearts so that they can’t be discouraged to do good no matter how rude the real world maybe. Everyone belongs to a certain community and it is our duty to make all of this possible by actively participating in any agenda that concerns the development of every learner.

With proper governance, life will improve for all

District and State Department of Education, Support staff, and administration are the ones behind the progress of education in every country. Every decision and service that they provide will always be for the benefit of our learners. Deciding how the learners must be taught and what kind of learning environment they must be exposed to is the main duty of the government. It is quite challenging on their part to make such big and drastic decisions at all costs even though they don’t have any direct contact with the learners inside the school community. Yet, they stand firm to make such a decision to give them the best of the best that matches the big picture—for our learners to become globally competitive and continuously innovate for the sustainable development of the country.

All in all, they are the different stakeholders of education. There might be ups and downs. There might be disagreements. But one thing is for sure, everyone is working for that one ultimate goal. That goal is in your hands to uncover.

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