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The months of April and May have been a joyous time for us as students. We don’t wake up thinking about putting on our uniforms and going to school on those days. We play all day and go to sleep without worrying about the homework. But, this is the best time for academicians and school admins to contemplate their next steps, especially when the education world is going through a massive transformation.

School education has changed so drastically in the last decade. Thanks to the virtual world’s advent, we now need more engaging teaching aids than just an instructor-led classroom. In a country like India, where school closure due to the pandemic had extended over 82 weeks, online classes were a boon for many kids. Though there was a significant digital divide among rural and urban students in the country, the pandemic did help us discuss the importance of adopting innovative methodologies in teaching and learning.

Now, we see more teachers on social media platforms who did not sign up to catch up with their old classmates but to use it as effective mediums to collaborate and interact. According to a study, 41% of teens admittedly spend too much time on social media. Hence, K-12 institutes slowly include social media features into their eBooks to increase collaborative learning. That’s what innovation is all about. A technology we thought would kill our kids’ time is now being utilized as a social platform to develop a supportive and positive student-teacher relationship.

To help our readers know more about such innovative teaching-learning practices, we asked academicians, school administrators, and industry leaders to share their ideas that would transform the education sector in the coming years. The result is this special issue, where we have included experts’ insights and ideas that would help aspiring teachers around the world to conduct classes in a better way.
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