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The COVID-19 pandemic has put a giant spotlight on young schoolchildren and their education. The widespread, long-term closing of schools has now revealed several options that were “not-doable” a while ago. As most parents around the world have been forced to work and learn from home for the past two, or more, months, separated from colleagues and community, a huge spotlight has been turned on to K-12 education models that favour personalization, small group learning environments, high-quality virtual programming and other innovative alternatives.

As parents experience a growing cultural embrace of teleworking that can create more workplace freedom and flexibility, they may also look to grant this freedom and flexibility to their children, seeking educational options beyond a conventional classroom.

Through this issue, we have collated articles from experts around the world. These experts have pooled in their resources, ideas and insights to comment on the future of K12 education post COVID-19. We hope that this COVID-19 special issue of K12 Digest stands as a resource tool for all the stakeholders of the K12 Education community. We thank the contributors for their time and acumen.

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