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Each year in the United Kingdom, 35% of primary-age children leave school with English and Maths skills that are below national expectations.  500,000 children. In a ten year period from 2014, this annual figure will equate to 5 million pupils. As competition within global economies rises and where the need for highly-skilled, adaptable workforces are required, can we afford for our innovators, manufacturers, and leaders of the future to begin their lives at such a disadvantage?  The answer is of course, no!

Life-long learning begins when a child first identifies a genuine sense of purpose in the investigation and acquisition of new skills and knowledge.  When they demand something different. When they desire a challenge. As educators of children, it is our commitment to champion life-long learning in its greatest sense.  We are amidst a technological revolution with children and their families are at its heart.  Over 78% of UK households have access to broadband internet through a smart device. Apps are easily accessible through a wide range of platforms and with standards in educational categories on the rise, cost-effective solutions to support children at home are becoming an increasingly attractive option for parents.

By committing to support every child reach their potential through developing a love of learning, we embrace new technologies and trends. We aspire to enable every child to be the best that they can be now and better than they ever imagined in the future.

Brainbox Games Limited is a company run by primary school teachers and senior leaders.  They understand how children learn and what children want. Working with children every day, they listen to the childrens’ interests and pay heed to their advice. “We develop educational games that not only have a high impact in the classroom but in the wider world,” says Jon Joe Wilson, Director of Education, Brainbox Games Limited.  “Our flagship game, Magic Spell, is a fully customizable spelling adventure platform for schools and academies. Teachers set spelling levels within the game that are personalized for the needs of each pupil. Pupils access their challenges through our free home-school app which records their successes and next steps before providing detailed feedback to teachers.  Children love Magic Spell because it is a fast-paced game that provides them with opportunities to compete with others and upgrade their wizard’s inventory. They love Magic Spell because it helps them to perform better when they write.”

Mathstronauts, their latest innovation, is on its way to BETA testing now.  Mathstronauts is a math game that not only improves mathematical fluency but develops reasoning and problem solving from the first level. Once children have selected their own co-pilot and space ship, they embark on an adventure through a series of mathematical galaxies to conquer a great variety of challenges.  Mathstronauts players quickly improve fluency speed. but more importantly, their ability to apply simple skills in more demanding problems. “Our children need to be able to make decisions in a moment, justify their choices and ask questions of each other. Mathstronauts supports critical thinking through gaming,” JJ adds.

Unlike many edtech companies, Brainbox Games are is a team of practicing teachers. “This helps us understand the direct pressures of time and accountability facing the profession each and every day.  We are proud to be a step ahead of the rest: our dashboard is simple and easy to use with games easy to manage. As we develop as a company, our smart programming alongside our expertise in AI and machine learning is only going to drive innovation.  We are excited about our potential to help teachers help their pupils,” JJ says.

Imagine a game that directs the learner to the correct skill depending on their performance at any one moment, where prior learning is revisited at carefully spaced intervals to aid the development at long-term memory and where children make the choice of an educational game over one with little or no value what-so-ever:  this is Brainbox Games.

Brainbox Games have already delivered tomorrow.  Now they are planning the future.

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