Dr Valentin Kuleto, President, LINKgroup Educational Alliance

Demands set upon a contemporary professional to be successful in the 21st-century society have drastically changed in the past decade. Emerging from experiential learning, modern education requires the rapid development of a new set of competencies, which are applicable in real-life situations and beyond.

Setting trends in education calls for a progressive vision of a future of learning. This is the very reason why LINKgroup Educational Alliance empowers educators and learners to grow intellectually in futuristic learning environments, where the fusion of the latest educational approaches and technological delights inspires the creation of new knowledge. Our classrooms are already future-ready, providing an overarching concept for competency-based education, where both teachers and students engage in dynamic interaction.

Keeping pace with the technological advances while striving to respond to futuristic ambitions, we are working on successfully introducing AI, Machine Learning and robots as teaching tools to support further development of digital skills. Humanoid teaching assistants, which have become an integral part of the futuristic whole-brain pedagogy, are being integrated into our learning spaces.

As we look upward and onward, we embrace the knowledge that is far beyond what traditional learning can provide. By creating innovations, we are able to pass on the intellectual legacy to the new generations of the makers of tomorrow.

Building a better educational system in this part of the world by networking and sharing experiences and ideas is a true expression of how strong our community of future-ready educators is, and how important it is to have continuing professional development. We see the Balkan Educational Summit as a platform to express that vision and pass it on to the wider community of educators, who strive to create a better world, right now, by looking into the future.

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