Bola Njideofor, Director of Operations, Bloombreed Schools

Meet Bolanle Njideofor, the Operations Director of Bloombreed Schools in Port Harcourt. Her role involves ensuring the school operates smoothly, and her impact has been remarkable. With over 13 years of experience across the UK, US, and Africa, Bola consistently demonstrates innovative thinking even in challenging situations.

But what sets Bola apart isn’t just her impressive resume; it’s her unwavering commitment to operational excellence and her deep-rooted dedication to clients. Throughout her career, she’s lent her expertise to prestigious organisations like McKinsey & Company, Deloitte, Oando Plc, and Heirs Holding Oil and Gas.

Remarkably, amidst her diverse ventures, Bola remained true to her passion for Human Resources. She firmly believes in the power of human capital development and its transformative impact on organisations. “Despite no formal academic background in education,” Bola says, “my late mother, a dedicated educationist, instilled in me a profound passion for this field.”

Now, as the Director of Operations at Bloombreed Schools, she’s driven by a dual motivation: preserving her mother’s legacy and exploring the role of education in nation-building. Bola’s journey with education began with her ambassadorship at Teach For Nigeria, a cause close to her heart. “Education presents a unique theatre where you witness first-hand the transformative power of your efforts,” she shares, “and that fuels my determination to push boundaries further.”

Her academic journey, which includes a BSc in Economics from Rutgers University (US) and an MSc in Finance & Banking from European Business School (UK), equips her with a unique blend of experience and education. This diverse background positions her perfectly to lead Bloombreed Schools’ operations.

As the Director of Operations, Bola’s mission is clear: to ensure Bloombreed Schools remain competitive in a dynamic environment. She develops both short and long-term strategies that align with the school’s vision and ensures that all stakeholders are part of the journey. “Being a technically-driven school involves a lot of learning and unlearning,” Bola notes, “but it provides unimaginable learning opportunities for both staff and students.”

Drawing from her corporate background, Bola has successfully brought data analysis into non-academic activities. She firmly believes that “data is king” and emphasises the importance of using data to make informed decisions about school events, competitions, extracurricular activities, and enrollment strategy.

Bloombreed Schools: Where Innovation Meets Education Excellence

Located in the heart of Port Harcourt, Bloombreed Schools is a prime example of the strength of passion, innovation, and a persistent pursuit of excellence. It began as a Montessori school but has since evolved into a full-service nursery, primary, and secondary school, catering to a varied community of over 700 students. Bloombreed’s commitment to educational excellence, led by its devoted team and appreciation for technology, differentiates it from other schools.

One standout achievement is Bloombreed’s status as the only Google Reference school in Nigeria and its partnership with Brainiacs, a STEM company. Technology is not just integrated into the curriculum; it’s at the core of the learning experience. The transition to online learning during the challenging times of 2020 was seamless, thanks to the school’s 1-1 student Chromebook deployment. The students not only adapted to the new teaching mode but also employed technology to address worldwide issues, showcasing their inventive capabilities.

Bloombreed students are global citizens, benefiting from partnerships with institutions like the Aivancity School for Technology in France. They acquire 21st-century skills that make them competitive on the global stage. Extracurricular activities aren’t overlooked; students can excel in sports, foreign languages, crafts, and tech skills.

The commitment to holistic education extends to state-of-the-art infrastructure, admission inclusivity, student leadership development, professional growth for staff, and unwavering parent support. Bola Njideofor emphasises, “Our goal is to provide affordable first-class education, nurture every student’s potential to bloom, and uphold excellence as the only acceptable standard.”

Learning Beyond the Boundaries

At Bloombreed Schools, the education journey begins as early as nursery age and continues to nurture young minds up to seventeen years old. “Our commitment is unwavering,” says Bola Njideofor. “We leverage the finest instructional design, state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced and dedicated educators, the latest educational materials, and cutting-edge technology to deliver an unmatched learning experience for all our students, regardless of age.”

The nursery program at Bloombreed embraces the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, enriched by elements of the Montessori curriculum. This unique blend sets the foundation for children’s learning, development, and care from birth to age five. As they progress to the Primary School, students embark on a curriculum journey incorporating Nigerian and British frameworks. Here, they gain skills that equip them for success in our dynamic society. This hybrid curriculum is facilitated by tech-savvy educators who harness the power of the Google for Education environment while infusing a wealth of enrichment activities.

Once students reach secondary school, they embark on an exciting educational and extracurricular adventure designed to foster holistic development. They participate in Juventus Academy Nigeria (one of the 64 official academies of Juventus FC of Italy) football training, delve into coding and programming, develop craft and design skills, excel in various sports, and engage in numerous global and local competitions. “What we offer is an incredibly unique educational experience,” affirms Bola. “Our approach is child-centred and intentionally structured, ensuring that each developmental milestone strengthens the children’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth.”

With two distinct campuses (Boarding and Day), Bloombreed Schools caters to the diverse needs of parents. The boarding campus, exclusively for secondary school students, provides a nurturing environment where students receive round-the-clock care, guidance, and supervision from dedicated staff members. Here, they learn independence, discipline, and time management as they take charge of their daily routines. This includes personal hygiene and study schedules, all reviewed by their House Parents. They also enjoy access to a wide range of extracurricular activities and academic support beyond regular school hours. Booster and Master Classes, Exam Preparatory Classes, sports activities, and vocational skills acquisition. These contribute to their holistic development and character building.

For students at the Day campus, the focus is on a dedicated learning environment. With designated hours for academics and extracurricular activities, they fully immerse themselves in their studies, maximising their learning potential. Furthermore, daily interactions with peers from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives promote understanding, tolerance, and empathy, preparing students to thrive in an increasingly globalised world.

Nurturing Excellence and Creating Trailblazers

When it comes to excellence in education, Bloombreed Schools is a name that resonates not only locally but also on the global stage. The school has consistently cultivated a culture of achievement, with its students reaching new heights year after year.

One of Bloombreed’s most notable achievements is its success in the Conrad competition, where students have consistently secured their place as recipients of the prestigious $60,000 university scholarship to Clarkson University, USA. “This year, we proudly stood as the first runner-up in Nigeria,” beams Bola Njideofor. But that’s not all; the accolades continue with the annual Accelium International Mind Olympics. Bloombreed students displayed exceptional strategic and critical thinking skills, clinching the top spot in Nigeria, the number one position in West Africa, and an impressive fourth place worldwide.

On the national stage, Bloombreed is a true force to be reckoned with. The school secured a remarkable 2nd place in Nigeria, bagging the 1st position in the South and emerging as the top school in Rivers State in the prestigious 2023 IT Whizkid competition. “Our Gold medal in the 2023 African maths Olympiad is one of our consistent victories,” adds Bola.

But Bloombreed’s impact extends beyond its walls. The school is among the few institutions that have joined with Shell Petroleum company to bring transformative educational experiences to children from low-income communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Today, many of these students are trailblazers at their respective universities, and some have been awarded full scholarships, a testament to Bloombreed’s commitment to empowering the next generation.

Guided by Faith and Getting Ready for the Future

At Bloombreed Schools, education is more than just academic excellence; it fosters holistic development that nurtures values and beliefs. The school seamlessly weaves Christian values into its educational approach, creating an environment where students can grow not only academically but also morally and spiritually.

“Our mission and vision are intrinsically linked to our faith-based foundation,” explains Bola Njideofor. Teachers incorporate biblical principles into their lessons, infuse scriptural themes into assembly activities, and provide moral and scriptural guidance during their mentorship journeys with students. By integrating Christian principles into the curriculum, Bloombreed Schools aims to instil in students a solid moral compass, emphasising honesty, integrity, compassion, and respect for others. Students are encouraged to see their education as a means of using their God-given talents to positively impact the world and serve others.

Regular chapel services, along with prayer and worship sessions, allow students to strengthen their faith, develop a personal relationship with God, and seek guidance in their daily lives. But faith is not just about belief; it’s about action. Bloombreed students actively engage in community service initiatives, learning first-hand the importance of living out their faith and making a difference in the lives of others.

Today, Bloombreed Schools aspires to secure a place among the world’s top educational institutions. This ambition is rooted in consistently implementing innovative approaches that enhance teaching and learning experiences. The school is committed to designing sustainable programs for all members of its community, helping them carve out a unique position within the education sector.

“As part of our growth strategy,” concludes Bola Njideofor, “we pledge unwavering attention towards children with special abilities and their needs, ensuring they have access to quality education as a fundamental stepping stone toward realising their future aspirations.” Bloombreed Schools is not just a school; it’s a dynamic community that embraces excellence, values, and a vision for a brighter tomorrow.

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