Yuvraj Krishan Sharma, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer (CPO), Kompanions

Mr. Yuvraj Krishan Sharma spearheads Kompanions as a Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer (CPO). He is a spirited and creative person at heart fuelled with a flair for innovation and technology, who continuously excited about the creation of ‘NEW Technologies’. As an entrepreneur, he firmly believes that given today’s volatile status-quo and rapidly changing scenario, students need an advanced technological skill-set to sustain growth to meet the demands of the knowledge-based economy, concepts and businesses.


Parents invest a considerable sum of money in their child’s tuition fees. In traditional learning, students had limited sources to gain information. Even today, the role of a tuition teacher is considered to be one of the primary sources of knowledge and the authority figure in the conventional home or classroom. Teachers would select what subject to teach pupils, typically based on a predetermined set of academic criteria and skills assessed by an exam or test. 

To learn from a tuition teacher, the students have to sit in one place for their classes but imagine a world where they can go anywhere and still understand what they are learning. The need of the hour is for students to focus on clearing fundamental concepts for each of their subjects to move forward constructively on their learning journey and grasp more complex topics easily. Online learning can be just as good or even better in some cases compared to in-person classroom learning. 

Today technology-based learning platforms provide students with fast access to knowledge, accelerated learning, and an interactive, fun experience to put what they’ve learned into practice. In addition, it allows students to study new disciplines and expand their comprehension of complex concepts, which is very useful in STEM. The evolution of online ed-tech platforms and tools has enabled the students to learn courses outside the classroom. 

Having a tuition teacher is good, but self-study for a student is also essential, and until their concepts are not clear, they cannot learn further or move forward to understanding more complex topics. In addition, one-on-one tuition teachers are expensive, not everybody can afford it, and the teacher can’t focus on each child in group tuition. These unprecedented situations may transpire a vicious cycle of excuses and blame between the educators and the parents for why the child is not picking up the concepts. 

Children have a shorter attention span than adults. Therefore, if they don’t find the method of teaching or learning fun and interactive, they will soon lose interest, and learning won’t happen. Consequently, it is crucial to track the progress of what the students have understood and what doubts they continue to have on their learning journey. Therefore, formulating diverse fun and interactive study modules for children to build an interest in learning and further understanding more complex topics as they move forward in their learning journey.  

When kids are growing up, 80% of learning happens through visualization during their early age as it is easy to retain the knowledge when students learn something if they do it by visualization. In addition, students learn faster with the help of new-age technological tools since it’s a whole new experience of interacting with concepts better, which gives them that feeling like they are watching a new comic movie. Why is that? Simply because children love the interaction aspect when they consume content or wish to learn along with self-study.

Ed-tech learning tools are better than traditional tuition teachers, as it is one of the most compelling and innovative ways for students to learn. AR technology provides them with a visual learning experience. It’s immersive, engages the learner, and has no human error involved. AR tools help students visualize complex topics, making it easy to understand difficult concepts like trigonometry, calculus, and physics. In addition, it includes object recognition, thus helping students to learn faster. Learning through visualization lets students clear their doubts about any topic by adding annotation over the real-world object. 

The benefits of using AR ed-tech tools compared to children spending a considerable amount of time taking independent or group tuition is significantly clear. The more time students spend on the ed-tech platform, the more they comprehend the learner’s behaviour and shortcoming by mapping the learner’s journey and then setting up remediation consistently, unlike human teachers and giving the students a learning score index. 

For students who are weak in math, grasping the fundamentals of Rational Numbers in class 8th is crucial. Tuition teachers need to diagnose what the student has not learnt thoroughly. The tutor also needs to be aware of the key concepts the students need to first get right and needs continuous practice,else teaching and learning both wont move forward.  If students who are weak in math and have an inadequate understanding of the fundamentals of what are Rational Numbers in class 8th he won’t be able to understand the following topic and problem in math. 

The solution that ed-tech offers to students is to help them assess their weaknesses in understanding how far they have come in comprehending the fundamental topic. Therefore the student must practice building a good foundation in basic fractions, ratios, decimals, parts of whole operations with whole numbers, and a clear comprehension of measuring concepts to learn more about the next complex topic in math. While learning a subject using specific technological study platforms, unless the student answers all questions correctly at the end of a study module, they don’t move forward in their learning journey to study the following more complex topics. 

Self-learning is vital since learning is only beneficial for the learner when there is an innate desire to learn from the inside rather than being imposed by external circumstances. Children get motivated by a deep desire from within, allowing learners to realize the drive and essential motivation, resulting in enriched learning. Children learn independently at their own pace during self-study, concentrating on topics that interest them the most or need to understand better. This ease alleviates irritation, anxiety, or boredom children may experience in the classroom or with tuition teachers. 

Students’ learning time can be reduced to half with the help of an AR learning tool compared to taking coaching from a tuition teacher. In addition, unlike traditional tuition coaching, learning through an AR Ed-tech platform provides a better learning experience at a low cost, is far more flexible and saves students time. 

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