Yogesh Rao (GMBA & PGPM 2008), SP Jain School of Global Management

At present working as the Chief Cognitive, AI & Data Architect for the Retail Europe market at TCS, he is also the Honorary Advisor at the Madhav Seva Foundation (Educational Trust). Here, he helps in providing 360-degree support including but not limited to mentoring, coaching, and value inculcation to high IQ students from the non-privileged background who are also hardworking and passionate about furthering their studies. The girls and boys range from high school all the way up to postgraduate degrees. The mission is to make them self-reliant so that they can provide for their family and be prepared to face the corporate world across Medical, Pharma, Technology, Finance, Accountancy, Automobile & Law.


I was brought up like every other middle-class boy in a rising city in India with a reasonable standard of living and a zeal to do something meaningful in life. During my childhood, somehow the top aspiration for almost all the kids around me was to become a ‘Nuclear Scientist’. But with the age of digitalisation and the introduction of e-Commerce within a few years, we all saw a huge transformation. Keeping up with the times, I too jumped onto the bandwagon after some logical reasoning. And having been trained during my preparation for CAT, I got into the IT industry fairly quickly too. 

I started my career as a database & business intelligence programmer working across sectors, developing hands-on expertise. However, before I even realised it, my expectations from me went up to the building, learning, and mastering these newer and changing technologies which would not be of any use in the end. This is the point in my life when I started venturing into Business Analysis, Consulting and Project Management.

I realised that various technologies will come and go, but the core knowledge, business sense, areas of expertise, and embracing changing technologies would be a rather important factor leading to growth in this rapidly changing world. At this point while in the USA, I got more determined to pursue my MBA and then soon flew down to Mumbai to attend my rounds of group discussions and interviews for a Global MBA at SP Jain. 

My SP Jain Global MBA Experience

SP Jain’s MBA course was truly transformative for me. It helped in unlocking my true potential that was concealed all these years. And with this, what really mattered to me the most was how they enabled a shy person like me to come out of his shell. This program provided a platform for really intensive, non-stop learning to all its students.

I keep telling the younger generation that come to me to ask questions or even take advice that an MBA is a means to an end and not an end in itself. The moment you start to feel that it’s the end, that is the point of the beginning of a stage that will hamper your growth in life, profession, and society.

Transformational journey

Over time, with the right ingredients, exposure to leading Indian and multinational companies, constant learning, support of co-workers, superiors, industry leaders, association with education institutes, industry forums, mentors and networks, things got built in the right direction and gained strength as well. 

I had always been keen on reading about leaders’ (not necessarily successful people) biographies to understand the life-changing events that got them the world’s respect and I was really moved by that of Late Shri Manohar Parrikar (ex-Chief Minister of Goa). It was very intriguing for me as to why someone from such a prodigious institute as the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, forgoes all comfort in life and chooses to devote his life to work for the cause of India so selflessly.

I connected with this deeply as it also blended with my own experience and association with educational institutes. This not only inspired me to contribute directly to the upliftment of bright unprivileged sections of society through education but also provide them with the best academic support that I am capable of providing. This, to me, is the only way to bridge the divide in society between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. I am merely a small cog in the giant wheel of nation-building through the vehicle of Madhav Seva Foundation. Another very important thing that needs to be done is our educational system needs to underpin the correct values and discipline at the elementary level – a purpose all aligned to an ultimate cause. This will help in bringing out financially successful students who eventually turn into great leaders.

Fast Forward to today

Today, after being in the industry for just over 22 years, I am working with Tata Consultancy Services serving their retail clients across Europe and a few in India in the Digital, Data, Cognitive, AI, and Analytics space. Also deeply inspired by JRD Tata, it is of utmost importance at TCS that we support social causes and environmental sustainability and are also aligned to the well-round development of the nation. This intuitively expands my belief system once again as well. Education, after all, should yield the confidence and wisdom to ask the right question and also help navigate the world to the right path of living. 

Lastly, I would like to conclude with an appeal to citizens in the higher orbit – Prove your life’s worth to salvation, by not merely empathising with the needy segment but by coming down to help them. Can you labour that in your available time? Attach yourself to that one good cause that you feel is worth serving and plunge into the Agni-Kund (Hearth)

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