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Aadhityan Rajesh, a 13-year-old boy, an Android Developer, and Entrepreneur, started as an Intern as a Designer and Developer for many companies before he stepped into the path of entrepreneurship. Currently the Vice President of Marketing at Next Generation Nations, Aadthiyan is also the CEO of Trinet Internet Solutions. 

We got in touch with this child prodigy, who is excited about the idea of learning, where we asked him about his journey so far in the industry and how he has been tackling challenges and aversions that came in his way.


  • Being a young entrepreneur, how accepting have people been of you in the corporate world?

It is still an everyday challenge. Honestly, A lot of people ignored me, Rejected me, and even said I am simply wasting my time unnecessarily. Everyone has always told me that my education is the most important. At the same time, because I have already started a company, I cannot really compromise on that front either. it is not possible to manage everything. It’s possible that I may not perform well in a particular exam someday, but the kind of exposure and knowledge I’m gaining now will help him a lot in life. 

  • What made you start Trinet Solutions? How did you know you had the right idea?

There was nothing new happening in the business directory space in UAE at that point in time. Digital agencies were not doing anything new. These companies were not even providing helpful apps in real-time. My background had been in the field of messaging and taking things from mobile. Everyone was moving to mobile apps as a form of communication and the idea of making everything accessible struck a chord with me.

  • How did you build your team? How do you motivate your team to be optimistic?

Well, I don’t have many people on my team. But I make sure everyone in my team is skilled, passionate, and love what they are doing. I once was a one-man army who got the skill to operate a company myself, a small set of a dedicated team is the only thing keeping me positive. Currently, we are working on a new startup to hinder Education.


  • As an entrepreneur, what is it that motivates and drives you?

It’s always exciting to have a lot of exciting things to learn apart from the usual school curriculum, be it learning by myself or from the people around me. I would always want to share my knowledge and gain more understanding from my circles.

  • How do you handle adversity and doubt?

I do not know what it means to be interviewed for a job. That’s a claim few people can make. But this started early. “One cannot make the same mistake again and again. Make new mistakes but never repeat the same ones, sharing the most important lesson that I have learned in the past 7 years, helming startups that met with varying degrees of success. With each startup, I forged a new memory, learned a new lesson. I may have started by chronicling how to oust My haters, the symbol of all the challenges I faced to become an entrepreneur, but I now advocate the very necessity of those challenges. “We need more Haters!” 

  • What are some of the common misconceptions people have about young entrepreneurs? How have you turned the non-believers into believers?

It is a typical Indian mentality, where people only want to see one’s grades. Unless we give our kids the freedom to explore, they will never really be able to show their real potential. If my parents had discouraged me, I may have never come up with the idea. Parents need to support their kids to see what color they can bring to their lives. If they are dedicated to their dream, they should definitely be supported.


  • What is your advice to young entrepreneurs who are starting out?

Once you start doing what you love, no one can stop you.. ‘There is a 99 percent chance that a startup will fail. Plan for the 1 percent’ most businesses acts in a consulting capacity as well. Being able to discuss business models, monetization opportunities, and other business areas tangible to your solution may yield higher value and deliver better results for your clients, and help you build a better company.


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