Antony Koshy, Principal, Global Indian International School, Dubai

Antony Koshy, Principal of GIIS Dubai, has been an educator with a proven track record in School Improvement. A data-driven leader, his expertise lies in well-informed decision-making & result-oriented actions. His clear understanding of the DSIB framework and the experience of almost all the inspections have helped all his previous schools improve, in relation to student achievement and Inspection ratings.  An avid learner himself, Antony has been a sought-after resource for various key aspects of school inspections to many schools in the region. He is an outstanding Math teacher and has produced some excellent Board results, as he is known to be extensively involved in assessments, Data analysis and modification of teaching and curriculum to meet the needs of all pupils. Moreover, Antony Koshy places inclusive education as one of the top priorities and has been involved in pioneering work in early identification, intervention and support and monitoring and evaluation, during his previous assignments. Also, since he is a technology buff, Antony is a vocal advocate of using technology in classrooms to enhance and enrich the curriculum and the overall teaching and learning process. Koshy has continually fostered meaningful relationships with the students, staff and parents of every school that he has worked in. His belief in the strength of Parent-School partnership and collaboration have seen schools engage effectively with the parent community, to work towards the benefit of the students.


Summer break is coming to an end and children will be heading back to school. To ease the transition for children and make it as enjoyable as possible, it is important to start thinking about the upcoming school days before summer break is over. Here is a guide to parents on preparing children for returning to school and making it an enriching experience for them:

Open communication with children: It’s important that parents have an open communication with their child and hear their exciting stories about catching up with their classmates after a long break. Guide them in setting realistic expectations during your discussions as they return back to school. 

Design a routine packed with learning activities: Something as effortless as reading together or taking an online lesson on their favorite school subject for 20 minutes each day can help them get back into the swing of things when school starts again. Incorporate different learning activities such as reading, writing, or doing puzzles to help ease them back into schooling. Involve your child in the planning process, and remain flexible – things may not always go according to plan.

Follow daily routine: Ensure that your child wakes up on time and ready for school. Help them see every day of the week as an adventure and encourage them to stick with the schedule as closely as possible when school resumes. Also, set a fixed sleeping and lunch schedule for them. Having a set bedtime will help ensure your child gets enough sleep and is well rested for the next day.

Prepare ahead of time: Make sure your child has the school-supplies along with helping them try on their clothes and pack their school bag the night before. This will help reduce any last-minute delays and tempers on school mornings. Let your child know that you believe in them with encouraging words and a hug before you drop them off everyday. 

Reach out to the school for support: Teachers are a great resource and can provide valuable insights to help prepare your child. Ultimately, the goal is to make returning to school an enjoyable and positive experience for both you and your child. 

It is normal for children to be overstimulated in a classroom setting after a few weeks’ gap. It may take a few days or even weeks for your child to fully readjust to the school routine. It’s imperative for parents to spend quality time with their kids, especially when they return back from school. Kids will often want to talk about their day when they come home and it is a good habit for parents to listen and offer help or advice when needed. This will help them feel loved and encouraged to enjoy their time in school.

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