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Thinking of studying in a boarding school might make it a little difficult for someone who has never been away from home. But those who have been to boarding school rate their school experience as very satisfactory, as they felt more prepared for life after graduation. Indeed, boarding schools offer students an experience unlike any other, as students can immerse themselves in their education, grow within a supportive and diverse community, and position themselves for success after school.

The opportunity to live, play, study, and socialize among peers makes a boarding school an attractive proposition for students. Especially an international boarding school brings people from different countries with different backgrounds, creating a cosmopolitan atmosphere where students can expand their perspectives and horizons as they learn together both in and out of the classroom. There, it is 24×7 learning with challenging academics, abundant arts and athletics offerings, and a supervised, structured student life experience. Academic experts say that boarding school students tend to develop life skills such as time management, work ethic, and independence in an accelerated manner than public school students.

In this issue, we have identified ‘10 Must-Watch Boarding Schools in 2022’ offering an experience-centered environment to help students grow in self-discipline and develop a strong work ethic that will prepare them for higher education. Our expert panel of academicians and leaders has handpicked schools all over the world that have been performing exceptionally well despite the pandemic hiccups. On the cover, we feature Ellesmere College, which was accredited as a ‘High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School’– one of only 39 schools worldwide demonstrating a world-class quality of education throughout the school and across all areas – academics, sports, and co-curricular.

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