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Every year brings a set of challenges and opportunities. 2022 was no different. After COVID-19 kept 1.2 billion children out of the classroom in 186 countries, one of the major discussions in 2022 was about getting back to school and guidelines that can help educational institutes and teachers to make this smoother for children. In an article titled How can Schools and Teachers Make “Back to School” Transition Smooth for Children, Bonny Bhansali, Principal of The Green Acres Academy, wrote, “as schools reopen, everyone’s emphasis will be on safety protocols, especially because children are not vaccinated. Parents may be wary and have reservations about sending their child to school.” A ripple effect of such safety concerns can be seen in the rise in the number of homeschoolers worldwide. According to the United States Census Bureau, between 2020 and 2021, there were around 3.7 million students homeschooled in the US, and 49% of parents believe homeschooling provides a better level of education.

Another major topic was the influence of technology on education, a sector with a lot of resistance to change. Lina Ashar, Entrepreneur & Founder of Kangaroo Kids Education, commented, “People in the education space have seen the same resistance coming in from all sides for relying on technology to impart education. However, it is evident that despite all the resistance, the educational landscape is rapidly changing.” However, technology was both a boon and a bane for students. Sakina Qasim Zaidi, Senior Principal of Orchids The International School, opined, “Social media addiction makes it even more difficult for students to resist and concentrate on academics leading to poor grades.”

As we are nearing the end of 2022, we have collated major articles discussing a variety of topics written by both academics and industry leaders so that you won’t miss the beat when we step into a new year. We hope our efforts this has helped all our readers to stay updated. We will continue to do it.

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