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Changes in education are expected yearly because of its dynamic nature that is dependent on many components from upgrades in technology, mandates of the department of education, available resources, educators’ motivation, parental influence, and the students themselves. These changes can influence the perspective towards the acquisition of knowledge, as well as learning outcomes. A renowned educational institution established under the magnificent aegis of “Gyan Mangal Educational and Charitable Sanstha”, Bharatpur,(Raj.) , TM International School (TMIS) aims to help children from far-flung rural areas to have easy access to the modern education system. 

TMIS aspires to provide an exciting all-round education at the first stage in a personally fulfilling and socially useful life and prepares students for university studies worldwide. The school benchmarks on exclusive upwardly quality CBSE board results with toppers of the town and region being edgy over others. TMIS imparts career counselling insights from class 10th onwards. It helps students choose career options based on academic merit, aptitude, confidence level, and leadership skills to edit and upgrade higher education and life education to settle in elite jobs.  

Besides, TMIS management incentivizes the students’ morale and motivation by providing scholarships to students. “We equip our students to become well rounded, useful and fulfilling learners with emphasize on character building, ethical formation, rational, compassionate, and caring. We prepare them for gainful and fulfilling employment so that they are led to include quality, equity, integrity, and developmental imperatives into the system, society and country,” shares Satinder Kaur, Director, TMIS, Bharatpur,(Raj.)

Evolving with for the Education Sector

Following the philosophy of ‘doing is believing,’ TMIS team headed by professionals has prepared the digital competence, empirical, experiential delivery and outputs of a well-thought-out education curriculum. In this pursuit, the school has included parents and stakeholders who contribute their best to their wards by the baggage and background of their wealth of knowledge, empirical insights and sacramental values to the institute’s educational edifice and eduventure. The management and team of teachers are proactive and reciprocating mutual partners into the development of cognitive capacities, accountability for realization, and liberation of the self in a selfless manner. “There is a mutual partnership based on an interpersonal understanding with the parents that put the TMIS in the league of school with a difference along with its students carrying deference to diversity and adversities,” opines Satinder.

Having been impacted academically, physically, emotionally, and socially during the pandemic outbreak, the institute took it as an opportunity to grapple with adversities with a 360-degree turnaround for re-emergence and renewal with the digital competence of online classes well afoot in place. “All the teachers resumed virtual classes with co-curricular activities, periodical tests, exams, PTMs duly conducted, continuous and ceaseless interpersonal communication being hallmarked by the ‘Change’ as the only constant,” says Satinder.

Facilitators of Learning – Faculty of TMIS

The highly qualified, talented and experienced teachers at TMIS are in-house trained to pay micro attention to individual learning in customized methods and manner of educational instruction, resulting in differentiated meaningful outcomes. “Our well-calibrated planning and implementation of the inputs are highly enthusing and rewarding. It promotes the hidden potential of students for self-knowledge and critical application of the acquired knowledge for the way forward in the timeless journey of their growth and glory,” points out Satinder.

All the teachers at TMIS are well qualified and professionally trained as per CBSE by-laws according to the standard of the classes from pre-primary, primary, secondary, and senior secondary levels. “We have in-house customized professional development schemes and programs for the professional periodical training of all teachers apart from the CBSE sponsored staff and teachers training imparted by the centre of excellence CBSE regional office Ajmer, Rajasthan. Teachers are led to the professional ambience to profess, inculcate and impart self-training for self-learning apart from intrapersonal, semi-personal and interpersonal learning experiences for excellent professional exposure,” explains Satinder.

Encouraging Education and Creativity

Considering their students’ achievements as a reflection of themselves, TMIS takes great pride and celebrates their achievements. Apoorva Goyal, (Class X ) a student of TMIS, topped the CBSE Board Exams with 99% in 2018-19. Another student, Riya Sharma,(Class VIII) represented the institute and country in the International Level Gymnastics Competition in Singapore and the Softball Competition in China. “We encourage growth and creativity here, and we have Pranjal Tiwari, who came second in the Essay Writing Competition organized by Digital Baal Mela, Municipal Corporation Bharatpur(Raj.) , to show for it”, points out Satinder.

Self-talking, Self-knowing, Self-addressing before the mental homework and academic planning and organization are the recipe for creative competence and innovative excellence in the TMIS. The school prides itself on its outlandish creative inputs and logical insights for its students’ holistic and hedonistic growth and exposure. “Our in-house ATL is the centre of creative interaction for creative wonders thrusting on hands-on learning rather than minds-on learning. Different labs in school promote the unflinching mindset among students to be conditioned for unconditioned learning situation and mechanism for logical outputs conducive to their ageless and timeless journey to the scientific and technical pursuits in particular and multiple intelligence exposure in general”, points out Satinder.

TMIS carries the reputation and claim to fame based on its academic reputation and distinguished credentials based on the mutual and collective all-pervasive acceptability since it caters to the academic quench and time-bound periodical support, guidance, and career counselling to its students roll out to experience and excel in the environment of higher education in universities. The trust and thrust combined result in timeless confidence and time-bound cognizance of their test and implicit merit and worth. “We are raising the bar for self and institutional growth day in and day out in all aspects to stay true to our forte and become the most sought after school for the children,” concludes Satinder.

 Satinder Kaur, Director 

A graduate in B.Sc. Bachelor in Science ( ZBC ) and B.Ed. Bachelor in Education from Kurukshetra University, Haryana(IN),  Also C.S.- I from ICSI, Delhi, Satinder Kaur has been in the education sector for over 11 years. She says, “I am conditioned to unconditioned developing unspoken compatibility for healing, holistic and hedonistic fulcrum of outlandish propensity to explore roads less travelled and the world unexplored to the logical culmination of the superiority of human beings through education at the rate of educare.” A visionary, Satinder delves deep in the dynamics of thought, actions resulting into the insightful understanding of healifying body and mind attuned to her commitment and fulfilment towards the responsibilities to take TMIS, Bharatpur, (Raj.) treading surefooted, a notch above the rest ahead in full stride to the realization of the educational goals, emotional competence, social compatibility, with glocal mindset.

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