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The world around us is changing at an unprecedented pace. However, the way we teach our kids in schools remains decades old. The changing job landscape, automation, and technology mean that students need to be prepared for jobs that might not yet exist. However, many schools in our country are struggling to stay up to date. The pandemic that instigated remote learning has brought innovation in education as a discussion topic for the nth time. Unfortunately, it remains a hypothetical discussion in most board rooms, wrapped in mystery and often centred around technology far from today’s teaching space.

A few schools around the world have proven that innovation does not need to be exotic or unattainable. Indeed, out-of-the-box thinking in school education is about more than deploying cutting-edge technology. Learning in real-world environments, collaboration with the community, and rejecting social norms are also innovation methods in education and the classroom. By doing so, some of the most innovative schools in the world are breaking all the traditional education rules and are achieving incredible results.

In this issue, we have hand-picked the ‘10 Most Innovative Schools in Delhi-NCR’ that are continuously raising the bar when it comes to innovation. In fact, schools in Delhi-NCR are renowned for their facilities and infrastructure, and they have contributed a lot towards making the schools in the city popular nationwide. We hope educators around the country can look at some of the concepts behind these innovative schools and learn from them.

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