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India has one of the largest K12 education sectors across the world, with about 24.61% of the total population of 1.33 billion falling under the 3-18 years range. With a gross enrolment ratio of 69.25% and the tally of students receiving school education in India standing at 230 million, the school education sector can be rightly identified as one of the most crucial elements towards the growth and development of the youngest population in the world. These details are quite visible to the various government arms in India tasked with ensuring quality education is easily accessible to all, and the government has been tirelessly working towards reforms in school education.

With initiatives like the CBSE making board results directly available on Google, the Delhi government introducing the happiness, cleanliness, and special curricula in government schools, and the government removing detention and limiting the maximum permissible weight of school bags, it is clear that reforms in K12 education are a top priority for the Indian government. From noisy classrooms and fun-filled lunch breaks, group learning activities to extra-curricular activities involving arts and sports, schools have been synonymous with the bustling student-teacher activity, an aspect of school life that has been the cornerstone of education. COVID-19 has jolted that foundation for good. Just like work, travel, and entertainment, education has changed overnight due to the global health crisis-induced lockdown.

The present situation has allowed the digital transformation of the education system and starting 2021, the future will not only witness virtual classrooms but also parent-teacher interactions on virtual platforms whenever needed. New-age schools and edtech players will be playing a big role in improving the overall learning experience of students and the efficacy of the education system. The coming future is not only exciting but also empowering, as it gives a promise of limitless possibilities for life-long learning for everyone. Paving the way for the rise of technological advances in education, K12 Digest brings to you “10 Most Innovative Schools in Delhi-NCR” that are transforming the K12 learning space in the North and the country as a whole.

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