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Over the years, we have seen the Middle East region focussing a lot on new technology and the future. This can be seen in the education sector too. Several schools are well prepared for the digitization of education, almost as if they have been waiting for this change. The government, students, and schools are equipped to make this shift which is a huge advantage of starting an EdTech startup in the Middle East.

As the world changes, these companies are working to help students and corporations keep up with it. Furthermore, EdTech is an industry that has seen a rise in demands during the pandemic. With various niches and unique pain points, EdTech startups have found unique ways to differentiate themselves from the rest. As the industry grows, it is interesting to see what the future might hold for us. Each one of these EdTech startups in the Middle East is working to make learning easier and more fun.

Through K12 Digest’s ‘10 Must-Watch EdTech Companies in the Middle East’, we intend to bring these stellar EdTech Companies to the forefront, hoping they will stand as a beacon of transformation to their peers. The companies named in this issue have showcased an outstanding record of providing students with a holistic education, avenues to upskill, and proper forums to chart out a roadmap for their future.

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