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Women constitute nearly half of India’s population and play a vital role in the country’s economy. The talks of women empowerment, participation, and representation are usually done by their male counterparts. But, where do women stand in society? While there are reservations in different sectors for women, the participation figures are generally discouraging. Though the status and representation of women are increasing, it still is in parts compared with men. Interestingly, the leadership figures show women’s leadership in India (39%) is higher than the global average of 31%. Out of all the sectors, the education sector in India is generally considered a sector dominated by women, wherein the representation is over 55%. Women in this sector are taking up roles and are leading the sector. Growing at an increasing rate, the Indian Education industry is expected to increase to Rs. 2,44,824 crore (US$ 35.03 billion) by 2025. 

Women are the strongest pillar of K12 education in India. The majority of teachers who have taught us are women. As the education sector thrives, it brings in ample opportunities for women to learn, grow and contribute to the nation’s growth. In times of the pandemic, women’s journey has been severely impacted. Along with the students, the teachers also have come a long way to adapt to digital education.

In a bid to appreciate the contribution of women in the education sector, we have come up with a special edition on ‘10 Most Inspiring Indian Women in School Leadership.’ With this edition, we aim to bring into the light the thoughts, insights, and journey of women in the sector. This magazine is an effort to help our readers understand women’s unique journey of leadership and the challenges they come across. We hope the reading experience will give our readers a new perspective. 

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