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Technology is changing the learning environment at an unprecedented rate. There will continue to be an influx of exciting new tech tools that will be integrated into the teaching and learning spaces. For instance, dedicated computer labs are already outdated in a K-12 setting as these spaces have become more integrated throughout the entire school. Unless for extremely specialized equipment, the computer lab is no longer the only space equipped with the latest technology. From blackboards (which aren’t black anymore) to playing spaces, education has shifted from rote memorization. Today those kids who know what happens outside the classroom get that cake. This is why there is a mad rush of schools towards setting up Community-based programs that prepare learners to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The bottom line in all these endeavours is that it is easier, and better, to build strong children than to repair broken men. Of all the resources available, boarding schools seem to get a lot of attention.

With several experts debating the boon and bane of these schools, the world is seeing more and more boarding institutions make a mark. For parents, there are various reasons for wanting to send their child to boarding school, some of which are stellar academic reputation, good extracurricular activities, and the opportunity for their child to become independent and well-rounded. For teachers, their constant presence in the lives of their children gives them more opportunity to make a difference in the child’s’ lives and drive home the lessons taught at school. These close interactions enable teachers to provide specialized and tailored attention to those children who require it.

Keeping pace with these changing educational trends is not an easy task. But some boarding schools, especially that of Asia have shown exemplary proof that they know what they do. In this issue of K12 Digest, we have strived to bring you “10 Top Boarding Schools in Asia” with the hope to give you an idea of how these institutions work. The names listed in this issue have made a niche for themselves with their continued efforts to mould bright minds. We believe that it is important we highlight the impressive work these educational institutions have been doing as they have successfully created learning spaces, where tomorrow’s leaders play, think, and act.

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