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Most of us in our childhood have tried our father’s shoes and mother’s make-up because children imitate. From making faces to saying their ‘thank you’s and ‘sorry’s children see, children do. As adults, it is our job to give them something great to imitate. Educating children while we were growing up was not a difficult task compared to what education means in 2020. More than learning the alphabet and reading 5 letter words, schools have become a place to learn how to make a difference. Schools consider education more effective if young students can solve complex problems than memorize facts. In this respect, boarding schools, or residential schools, are a great setting to shape young minds into capable, independent, responsible human beings.

In this issue of K12 Digest, we have covered some of the top boarding schools in Asia. We hope these schools show you how they stay on top of the game while devoting much of their time nurturing young talent and producing some of the brightest young adults in the world. Staying at home was once considered a waste of time. But now it is the need of the hour. So, as we stay at home, in solidarity with the citizens of the world and the healthcare professionals battling the pandemic at the forefront, let us make informed decisions and rightful contemplations for a better world. So that once the dust settles, we have one less thing to worry about.

This is why, even in these trying times, as we battle COVID-19, we have strived to bring to your doorstep an informative read, which will eventually help you chose the best boarding school for your child. We profusely thank all the contributing authors who obliged to share their two cents on everything K12.

In the following pages, along with resourceful articles on education, you’ll also meet Željana Radojičić Lukić. An award-winning teacher from Serbia, Željana is a Global Teacher Prize finalist and a winner of both global and national teaching awards. She has used all her resources to design a learning space for children that will effectively revolutionize education. We at K12 Digest hope to build a community that can give young minds something great to imitate. This issue is one of our steps towards building this community. We hope that you enjoy this issue as much as we did putting it together.

Here is to the young imitators!

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