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Tríade Educacional is an educational consulting company that has the objective to promote innovation in education through teacher training, content production, and transforming projects management. The team comprises teachers specialized in Active Methodologies, STEAM, curricula elaboration and educational projects management and the functions are divided into three pillars: (i) continued teachers’ education; (ii) personalized consulting in educational projects; (iii) content production for helping the public educational system, the third sector and public policies elaboration

Helping Schools in Innovation
Since its foundation, Tríade Educacional has already collaborated with hundreds of institutions, from basic learning schools to universities. Tríade’s projects are personalized according to the needs of the institution we work with, involving teachers’ continuing professional development. Among the institutions Tríade has worked within the city of São Paulo, is Colégio São Luís, a school that remodeled its space and curriculum. Triade helped in developing training for the school’s management and teachers, and consultancy in the elaboration of the new curriculum.

Changes Brought by the Pandemic
The urgency of bringing quality education to Brazilian students, mainly at this challenging moment of social distancing, moves committed professionals to search for learning alternatives. At Tríade Educacional, this need culminated in a learning environment system (LMS) that started its development in October of 2019 and was launched in August this year containing 5 courses. At AVA, there are didactic learning sequences directed to online professional educators’ learning in this country, carefully built by Leandro Holanda and Dr. Lilian Bacich.

A Project for Public Schools
Being between realities of a public and a private school is challenging, even more than usual during social distancing times. On the one hand, there is the absence of equipment and the difficulty in keeping up with the students’ progress. On the other hand, there are the demands of some parents who do not comprehend the need of a school year to be adapted to remote learning. However, the educator Juliana Lima Albuquerque does not give up; she keeps pursuing equity for her Middle School at two schools she works at in Fortaleza, Ceará.

The choice for the course “Blended Learning: Introduction,” has a special reason. After having watched one of Dr. Lilian Bacich’s lectures, Juliana was amazed by the theme. “I wanted to learn more, in detail, how this new form of making education retirar works,” says the Science teacher. She has already worked with Flipped Classroom, and the course inspired her to create a Station Rotation project that she wishes to put into practice very soon. “I believe that the Station Rotation works well in public schools because it springs up youth protagonism, which is so important nowadays. There [public schools], we suffer so much from the lack of resources, low self-esteem, lack of incentive from students’ families … Showing the students a new way of teaching brings up their skills and their best qualities, all of which is very important.” According to Juliana, the Active Learning are essential in the new educational model that will rise in the post pandemic world. “These are techniques that came to stay and will have more and more space in classrooms. It is so important for the teacher to appropriate this knowledge. Tríade is a big help to me.”

Public School Projects
Lesson Study is a method of teacher’s professional development that has been applied for over 100 years in schools in Japan, and it shows to be capable of perfecting educators’ practice and students’ development in all curricula. In partnership with Formar, in 2019, Tríade Educacional implemented the proposal of Lesson Study (in Portuguese, Pesquisa de Aula) in two big States in Brazil: Francisco Morato, in São Paulo State, and Ponta Grossa, in Paraná, involving teachers, coordinators and technicians from the States’ boards of education.

Blended Learning as a Support in the Presential Classes Return
Along with the help of partners, the third sector and private initiative, Tríade welcomed teachers from the Public Educational System to an online course. The course began in October 2020 with more than 300 teachers from the Public Educational System of different cities in Brazil who are experimenting a didactic sequence of learning focused on developing proposals of implementation to the transition between remote learning and blended learning, as a way of giving support to the slow-paced return to presential classes. Tríade is looking forward to keeping up with these schools and to being able to evaluate how learning will be able to help teachers and administrators in a very delicate moment for schools in Brazil and the world.

Tríade knows that the future will be challenging, but believes that a continuous and supervised teacher professional development is one of the pillars for us to develop an education of quality for all students in our country. With the support of its partners and employee effort, Tríade Educacional is sure that it is moving towards the right path.

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