Nurten Akkuş, Educator, Preschool Samsun Salıpazarı

Born in Turkey’s Samsun province, Nurten finished her Ondokuz Mayıs University in 2nd place. She completed her 2nd university in Social Services and Consultancy and my third university in Sociology. She was also a teacher in rural villages. Later, she found a kindergarten school in a small and rural district—which was the first of its kind in the district—and acted as the founding director. She began her mission management as one of the youngest school administrators. She is currently working in Salıpazarı Kindergarten.

I took part in the projects of UNICEF, businessmen, district governorships, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, institutions-organizations. I wrote and coordinated many projects. The elderly, the disabled, children with leukaemia, the province I carried out studies in many areas such as promotion and development of chin. With the campaigns I started nationally, I received assistance in areas such as food, clothing, education, health with the support of volunteers and institutions. I delivered these benefits to families and children in need.

I aim to make a difference in the lives of people in society while setting an example with their educational activities

I provided scholarships to university students through volunteers and made them read. With the cooperation of the District Governorate, I visited pregnant women in the district at home and conducted mobile family training. I also took part in the works for the promotion and development of the district. To strengthen the bonds between parents and children in Turkey and I started a project to ensure gender equality. For social and personal development of women in rural areas, I founded Turkey’s first mobile workshop. I gave training to women in many villages.

Our women can be seen both in cinema, theatre, etc. I brought together social activities and supported them to continue their unfinished education. I also give training to managers, families and teachers in different fields. I wrote a book in memory of our martyred teachers with teachers working in different parts of our country. I donated the income from this book to read children in need. I came together with many people in different fields such as teachers, prospective teachers, university students, women, business world and gave conferences to them in many countries at home and abroad. I became an inspiration and role model not only for teachers but also for women and prospective teachers. I see teaching as a touching life.

I aim to make a difference in the lives of people in society while setting an example with their educational activities. With my work, I received many national awards in categories such as teachers, administrators, women, youth and social responsibility. I received many awards such as the Woman of the Year, the Teacher of the Year, the Best Project Owner of the Year, the Most Successful Young Person of the Year.

In 2018, I achieved the success of being the first and only Turkish Teacher in the world, ranking among the top 10 teachers in the world among 173 countries and more than 30,000 teachers and was nominated for the Global Teacher Prize known as Education Nobel. I was among the “3 Teachers Inspiring the World on World Teacher’s Day”. In 2019, I was awarded the Global Teacher Award by 12,000 teachers and 73 countries from India-based AKS education. I received the Global Inspirational TeacherAward among 50 countries and 8,000 teachers at the Global Education Awards held in Dubai in December 2019. My projects are also implemented in different countries.

Why I chose this sacred profession?
Yes, teaching was my biggest dream. I always wanted to be a teacher when I was a kid. But teaching is more than a job for me. It is a lifestyle, touching lives, and leaving a mark in their lives. I am very happy to be a teacher. I come to my school with the same happiness every day, and when I see the warm smiles of my students, I say “I am happy I am a teacher”. The secret behind this success I love teaching. Every child we raise will be our future. I believe that teaching is a miracle job for him. For me, society and education have always been intertwined. Because unilateral development and change is not enough for me. In this process of change, there must be children; everybody must be in the mother, father, youth-old, woman-man change. I try to do more as the changes and awareness increase.

My hopes are increasing. If a teacher works with faith, he can achieve many successes. It can change the lives of many people. Teachers have great power in influencing society. Therefore, we should never be afraid of dreaming and trying. I am happy to innovate. I am happy when I benefit people and education. I am a teacher for 13 years. I voluntarily teach in poor areas. As I benefit people, I am even more proud because I am a teacher every day.

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