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Mr. Ankit Kapoor is the Co Founder and Managing Director of Pratham Test Prep. He is a Management graduate from IMT, Ghaziabad. He has worked with Pernod Ricard India as a Brand Manager. Valuable brand management experience with Pernod Ricard India made him a confident brand marketer and his passion for quality education & paving career paths for students got him to IIFM. At IIFM he looks after brand ‘PRATHAM’ which has developed into a distinguished & trusted name amongst the student community for various entrance exams.


Current trend of admission in top foreign universities indicate a very low acceptance rate of students which is suggestive enough of a cut throat competition. During close interactions with most of the universities, over the past few years, there exist a very lose competition between all the top universities of the world to acquire the best possible talents and in this quest, students are looked upon for USP.  Apart from a visa application, a candidate needs to consider a few more things while applying to these universities.

According to the recent reports, the number of students applying to universities abroad in 2021 has gone up by 94% compared to the number of applicants in 2020. This significant jump in numbers arrives with the knowledge that many students are looking only for top university selections. While the acceptance rates into the top universities range between 4 to 11% only. The percentages mentioned applies to undergraduate and postgraduate courses to universities in the United States, the United Kingdom and other European nations.

Why is your profile important?

While there are several parameters based on which the admission committee takes its decision, including the academic scores, Standardised exam scores, Research Potential, Work experience (part-time / community service and leadership). The competition is incredibly high and student may require unique USP in their candidature to clear the admission process of these universities. 

Be beyond classroom and academics – The application form used to apply to UG courses at universities in the United States, a section in the form asks to enlist various activities during the high school period which may range from volunteer work, hobbies to sports and clubs. The list helps universities understand the applicant beyond the classroom and academics.

Demand for Scholarship – One of the strongest reasons to build a top-quality profile is to get scholarship. Various universities offer the best possible scholarships enabling the students to rest on their ability to serve community and bring about a positive change. The scholarship test is based on leadership, academic achievements and extracurricular activities.

Stand out from the crowd, Be Unique – Universities look upto candidates who have fought against all the odds to reach success, those who have taken the toughest challenges in life or have been able to show their passion towards their objectives while managing their academic interests as well. 

While extracurriculars are essential, all the top universities also have the best students applying for admissions with excellent scores in SAT, ACT and other entrance exams. So to stand out in a crowd of outstanding applicants, you as a school student in between Class IX to Class XII or as an ongoing graduation student. 

A quality higher education is integral for those who want to create successful careers in any field. A good profile imbibes confidence, enthusiasm and growth in candidates. Profile building also helps the students maximizing their chances of securing an education in Elite global and Indian institutions. 

  1. Map the batch profile of your desired university, understand the kind of qualities they are looking for.
  2. Make a timeline-based activity calendar covering only those activities where you feel connected.
  3. Community service should not be treated as an activity. Make it a passion to help people.
  4. Your interest in the subject that you want to apply for should be thoroughly visible in your actions.
  5. The last three years before you send your applications should have energy, enthusiasm and a positive intent that is visible on your resume.

The sole aim of having a good profile is to make your application looks more desirable to admission officers. That could only happen if the candidate has a solid understanding of profile construction. Remember, a profile determines if you make it or break it. 

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