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A quintessential Indian middle-class family believes that an engineering or a management degree is the end-all, be-all for the students. Unfortunately, the quality of these professional programs in India has not been the greatest in the recent past. For instance, the issue of the inferior engineering education is now widely known. Most of the engineering institutions in India, except IITs and a few premier colleges, are unable to offer the student an effective training that would help them to land on a job of their choice.

According to the statistics available, the country has the capacity to offer around 80, 000 seats every year for the engineering programs, which means, around 3.1 lakhs students will be studying engineering at any given point of time if the seats are filled completely. However, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has been closing down a significant number of colleges every year, due to the poor number of admissions. As per the rules of the council, institutes lacking proper infrastructure and report less than 30 per cent admissions for five consecutive years will have to shut down. The mandate has been following strictly and AICTE has approved the closure of around 450 colleges from 2014 to 2018.

Now, it seems like today’s teenage students already know what to do if it is not engineering. In fact, there are so many career options for students beyond engineering and management, which can help them to land on job of their choice. In this issue, we have come up with ’25 Must Watch Colleges in India for Campus Placement.’ We have deliberately omitted the obvious engineering and management colleges from the list to focus more on the other programs like, Mass Media, Pharmacy, Liberal Arts, Design and so on. We hope that listing such campuses will help the students to make informed decisions on their career choices.

25 Must Watch Campuses in India For Campus Placements

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