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Interviewing Yogesh Nagar, who made a driverless tractor even before he joined an engineering college, was the toughest task in my entire career. Hailing from Kagla Bambori village in Baran district of Rajasthan, Yogesh would only speak Hindi. On the other side, being a typical South Indian, Hindi was not my strong point. However, hardly five minutes into the conversation, I realized that a passionate brain does not necessarily need to talk the Queen’s Language. This young lad with full of ideas is now planning to make an autonomous vehicle for Indian Army.

Down south, Vetrivel Anand, a final year Aeronautical Engineering student from Tamil Nadu who found an excellent solution to make electricity from living plants, had a different story to tell. Aspired to become a Volleyball player, Anand is now a patent holder. We have covered these amazing stories in this inaugural edition of the Higher Education Digest. We believe that our country has so many talented students like Anand and Yogesh, who deserve the nation’s attention.

To celebrate the success of India’s brilliant brains and to help young innovators looking for an unmatchable educational experience, we have come up with a list of ’25 Must Watch Campuses in India for Research and Innovation’ in this issue. On the cover, we feature, Manipal Institute of Technology, one of the premier engineering colleges in India imparting excellence in technical education through innovation and teamwork. We have also included opinions of senior academicians and industry professionals to give our audience a comprehensive reading experience.

We sincerely hope that our efforts will help the stakeholders of higher education to make informed decisions.

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