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The COVID-19, though not clearly associated with much to boast good of itself, have unintentionally opened a rather unexplored world of Digital Communication to the era of education. Many terms that were considered of mere importance have seen a sudden spike in their usage. Days when online education is for only those who have not got enough time to be present physically are long forgotten. Now anything and everything starts from a single click of the keyboard, and the opportunities it opens to are vast and beyond comprehension.

Mobile phones that were sneaked from their parents to play games and laptops clearly out of reach are the new education-friendly gadgets now. Education has taken a vibrant leap; new innovations are put forward to make learning easier and interesting. Schools are leaving behind the age-old ways and making exuberant methods to bring more exciting shades to learning. They are paving ways to show that learning can be more than just books, that it can grow and flourish beyond the pages.

In this issue, we have identified the ‘10 Most Innovative Schools in South India’ that are forever improving when it comes to innovation. In fact, schools in the southern part of the country are recognized for their resources, infrastructure and quality of education. On the cover, we feature Yuvabharathi Public School, a highly reputed school in Coimbatore that has won awards for outstanding academic excellence, co-curricular activities, STEM education, and Happiness Quotient Index and many more.

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