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The world around us is transforming quicker than we thought. The digital revolution catalyzed by a devastating pandemic is testing our ability as a progressive society to respond and adapt. One of the important sectors that need immediate address is education, as it is imperative to create a young population who can find opportunities amid the adversities. In fact, there is growing interest worldwide in the link between education systems and the production of skills that are valued in the labour market. With growth stagnating and unemployment soaring in much of the world, educators are being asked to focus more on producing skills that feed into labour productivity and support the sustainable growth of employment and incomes.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), together with partners from the public and private sector, has launched the 21st Century skills Coalition to promote transversal skills and support the implementation of a new generation of educational and training policies. The initiative was created to respond to the new challenges faced by the individual of the 21st century, with an extremely dynamic environment, a rapidly changing labour market, and increasingly diverse societies.

The latest International edition of K12 Digest features insights and opinions of IDB’s 21st Century Skills Coalition members. If you are an actor from the public or private sector, civil society, or academia interested in developing 21st century talent, then these articles written by industry and academic leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean region are must-reads for you. We hope our efforts to collate these insightful opinions and ideas would ignite the minds of people around the world.

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